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Opportunities for you to shape UCL

The Student Opportunities Guide

There are lots of other ways to enhance your experience, and make a difference to education at UCL. Find out more about the opportunities in the UCL Student Opportunities Booklet.


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UCL ChangeMakers

Turn your idea into reality with funding and support

The UCL ChangeMakers initiative involves teams of students and staff working together in project teams to investigate an issue and make improvements for the benefit of everyone. Being a UCL ChangeMaker will give you valuable skills, including project management, team leadership and the ability to communicate persuasively. 

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Academic Representatives

Be the voice of UCL students

The Students’ Union operates an effective network of over 1,400 elected Academic Representatives across UCL. By becoming a representative, you will be the voice  of students, ensuring that UCL takes the student needs of students into account in its decision-making.

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Student Quality Reviewers

Join staff on a panel to make assessment

To ensure education at UCL continues to meet our high standards, we regularly hold review panels.  Student Quality Reviewers sit on the panel alongside staff and are an essential part of the assessment process. Students improve different academic practices by providing feedback and analysis from a student perspective. 

The Student Quality Reviewer scheme lets you influence the following areas of UCL: 

  1. An academic department, by acting as a Student Reviewer for an Internal Quality Review; which is a two-day review of a department. Each department has an Internal Quality Review every five years. 
  2. Teaching, by acting as a Student Reviewer of Teaching Practice. You'll work with teaching staff to analyse and discuss their teaching practice. 
  3. New and incoming programmes at UCL, by acting as a Student Reviewer on the Programme and Module Approval Panel
  4. How departments use student feedback and data to improve, by acting as an Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) Facilitator. You'll make sure the student perspective is considered in action and development plans, and recommendations for change. 
  5. The inclusivity of the curriculum in departments, by acting as a Student Curriculum Partner. You'll give a student view on how teaching can include more diverse perspectives. 

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Student Experience Panel 

Shape education at UCL

We encourage you to collaborate with us as a partner, a critical friend and take an active role in the UCL community. Your creativity and expertise is crucial and we can work together to shape the UCL experience. 

We will send you details of any opportunities that arise to collaborate with us or share your ideas and feedback. These sessions are  usually one-off feedback sessions which often include a free lunch or voucher to say thanks.

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Other opportunities 


UCL Global Citizenship Programme
Laidlaw Scholarships
UCL Innovation and Enterprise