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" I cannot recommend the experience enough for any fellow student willing to enrich their learning and skill repertoire while deriving the satisfaction of contributing towards enriching the experiences of UCL’s student community through a UCL ChangeMakers Project.
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UCL ChangeMakers is about collaboration and innovation to enhance the UCL learning experience. It supports students and staff working in partnership with each other on educational enhancement projects at UCL.

UCL ChangeMakers Projects

Student & staff partnership projects to innovate, enhance or improve the learning experience at UCL through fully supported & funded projects.

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ASER Intensive Departments

Offers ASER Intensive departments the opportunity to work with a student acting as an ASER facilitator and to undertake a project on Assessment & Feedback.

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Student Reviewers

Student & staff pairs working together to develop a dialogue for review and reflection about the staff’s teaching practice & the learning experience of students on the course.

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About UCL ChangeMakers

Find out more about the ethos behind UCL ChangeMakers, how we have grown since 2014 and meet the UCL ChangeMakers Team

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Case Studies

Read case studies from previous years. Current ChangeMakers can submit their case studies here

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Contact Sandra Lusk if you have any questions or want to discuss your idea: changemakers@ucl.ac.uk