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Survey News and Results

At UCL students are active partners in their education. To involve you in shaping a better UCL education, it's important that we are open with survey results and make reports accessible to you, as well as showing how we are addressing areas of concern.

We aim to minimize the number of institutional surveys that you receive. There is one survey per year for undergraduates and two for postgraduates.

UCL's annual survey cycle

Undergraduates will receive:

  • In their first year: New to UCL
  • In their penultimate year: Student Experience Survey (SES)
  • In their final year: The National Student Survey (NSS)

Postgraduate Taught students will receive:

  • In their first year: New to UCL
  • Annually: The Postgraduate Taught Survey (PGS) (Pilot survey, 2022)

Postgraduate Research students will receive:

  • In their first year: New to UCL
  • Final term every other year: The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

Find out more about our different surveys, view headline results and explore your department report.

New to UCL survey logo

All new students: New to UCL

We want you to experience a warm welcome to UCL and feel part of our university community. This survey is sent out to all new students and the results help us provide all the information and guidance you need to settle in. (Runs October - December)

Student Experience survey logo

Penultimate year undergraduates: UCL SES

The UCL Student Experience Survey is for undergraduates in their penultimate year of study. The results help us understand what's important to you and how we can make a difference to your time at UCL. The survey focuses on your academic studies and support services. (Runs November)

National Student survey logo

Final year undergraduates: NSS

Every year, all final-year undergraduates in the UK are invited to take the National Student Survey (NSS). NSS results inform future students about courses and universities across the UK. This survey takes place in the second term of your final year, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. (Runs January - April)

Power ot the Postgrads. Taught Postgraduate? Have your say. Make changes at UCL via the OFS pilot  survey for taught postgraduates (PGS)). thepostgradusrvey.co.uk Survey closes 31 May 2022

Master's students: Postraduate Taught Survey

This new survey for taught postgraduates aims to find out more about the academic aspects of your degree and help us identify what’s going well and where improvements are needed.

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey logo

Research students: PRES

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is for all research students, it runs during final term every other year, and is administered by the Doctoral School. You can find further information about the PRES on the Doctoral School website. (Runs February - April)