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Designing a programme or module

Get support from the Programme Design unit to design or re-design your academic programme or module(s).

The Programme Development unit in the Arena Centre can assist you in the development of your new programme and the design of modules, as well as the review and redesign of current modules. Meet the team

This approach is highly recommended by Programme and Module Approval (PMAP). We offer a range of online or in-person workshops, customised to your needs that comprise stimulating activities and support you in your preparation for PMAP. Our approach throughout focuses on providing a rich and cohesive student experience across programmes. This includes an optional workshop with Student Quality Reviewers to ensure that the student viewpoint is included prior to PMAP submission. Following approval, programme teams are recommended to participate in ABC workshops that focus on module design.  

The Programme Development unit advises on UCL guidance and recommendations that can add value to the design process, such as assessment visualisation, activity design, blended modes, employability and sustainability. 

Academic colleagues across UCL have already discovered that this targeted approach helps you to:

  • clarify the design of programmes,
  • write programme and module learning outcomes
  • identify key student activities and assessment strategies.

Our approach works equally well with existing programmes and modules. 

Contact us

You can contact the Programme Development unit to find out more or to book your team onto one of our workshops. 

Book onto a workshop:

Book a Programme Design workshop

Interactive and tailored workshops that facilitate discussion between members of the programme team around developing a shared vision, structure, learning outcomes, educational approach, assessment strategy and distinctiveness. Completion of activities support the writing PMAP documentation but can also be taken for a review of a programme.

Book an ABC Learning Design workshop

A fast paced workshop that brings module and programme teams together to develop modules. Participants discuss module activities and how to align assessment and other core UCL themes. Workshops can be taken at any time but often follow PMAP approval.

Embedding Community Engaged Learning

Collaborate with external partners to address real-world challenges and opportunities as part of their assignments and research. 

Related Teaching Toolkits

Connected Learning Baseline

The UCL Connected Learning Baseline sets out the minimum expectations, or baseline, for connected learning for all taught programmes and modules at UCL, with a focus on Moodle.

Programme Readiness Toolkit

A toolkit to support programme and module leads to plan, focus and monitor their preparations for Connected Learning.