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Work in partnership to take action on student feedback in 2020-21

30 September 2020

Working in partnership with students can be one of the most effective ways to engage them in departmental or programme priorities.


Together with your students, you can create a sense of community and ensure a better educational experience for all. 

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Here is a summary of opportunities for you to work in partnership with your students. 

Departmental ChangeMakers projects

Apply for either £450 or £700 in funding for staff and students to work in partnership on a project to enhance the student learning experience at UCL with UCL ChangeMakers.

ChangeMakers guarantees at least one project for every department.

Projects can include:

  • Assessment and feedback 
  • Inductions events
  • Peer support
  • Developing new content and teaching resources
  • Co-creation of programmes, modules, conferences, events and seminars
  • Fostering connections between students and the world-leading research of UCL's staff

Connected Learning Internships

Fully-funded student internships from the Arena Centre and UCL Careers will enable departments to engage students to support their preparations for Connected Learning in Terms 2 and 3 in 2020/21.

  • Staff internship proposals final deadline: Wednesday 14 October
  • If you have a question about the internships, please contact Fiona Wilkie: f.wilkie@ucl.ac.uk or Nick Grindle: n.grindle@ucl.ac.uk and put ‘Internships’ in the subject header.  

Student Reviewers of Teaching

Student Reviewers of Teaching pairs two students with a member of staff to build a reflective dialogue about the staff’s teaching practice and the learning experience of students on the course.

Benefits include:

  • Having a pair of students acting as a critical friend
  • Review the content and delivery of your module from a student perspective
  • Objective feedback from students outside your module
  • Manageable time commitment 
  • Flexible around your needs
  • Increased confidence in your teaching
  • Option C peer dialogue
  • Visit the UCL Peer Dialogue page for opportunities to work with students to review your teaching
  • Deadline(s) to apply: Term one - Wednesday 07 October 2020 and Term two Monday 30 November
  • To discuss your requirements, please email sqreviewers@ucl.ac.uk  

Working with Student Academic Reps

Driving a culture of student engagement and leadership is crucial for delivering an inspirational student experience, it is even more important now than ever before.

Working in partnership with students through sharing insights and discussing solutions with your Student Academic Representatives is a critical part of this.

Make sure you keep in touch with your reps over the year, bring them in on the inside so that they gain a greater understanding of the challenges and can co-create solutions that will deliver a positive impact on your students now and in the future.  

Staff-Student Consultative Committees (SSCCs) 

SSCCs are a vital forum for listening to students, discussing all of these initiatives, commissioning work such as ChangeMaker projects and keeping students in the loop with activities.  

Planning the SSCCs can help make sure you are using the limited time effectively, for example coming prepared with a proposal idea for a ChangeMakers project or an update to the ASER.

Taking some time to meet with your new Student Academic Representatives before or between SSCCs will also give you a chance to discuss the ideas together and plan how to take action at the meeting. 


    More UCL faculties and departments are adopting Unitu, the award-winning student voice platform.

    Unitu enables students to post confidential feedback, questions and ideas for Student Reps and staff to review and respond to.

    The service helps departments respond to students more swiftly and “close the loop” by showing how their feedback has been acted upon.