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New website for postgraduate teaching assistant vacancies

17 June 2020

The site will host teaching opportunities, policies, resources, case studies and more to help UCL Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTAs) develop their teaching at UCL.


UCL Arena Centre, together with UCL Doctoral School have created a new website to host job vacancies for PGTAs.

The website aims to raise awareness of opportunities available, with the hope to provide a more inclusive and transparent approach.

New opportunities in 2020/21

Online teaching involves a new relationship between students, lecturers and course materials. As a result, there will be a new role for PGTAs at UCL in 2020/21. 

In large modules with cohorts greater than 80 students, funding will be available for additional PGTAs to take on the role of an online module tutor. 

An outline job description will shortly be shared, along with details of Faculty/departmental allocation.

PGTAs recruited to the role will receive training through UCL Arena One, coupled with local departmental support.

Created in partnership with students 

The website was the result of an Institutional ChangeMakers project, that came from regular student feedback about the disparity of opportunities.

Type of vacancies

PGTAs will find a range of opportunities available to them – some may be restricted to certain departments or faculties and some will be open to all.

The roles will vary in duration, including: 

  • short term ‘as-and-when’
  • contributions to modules
  • longer contracts

Please note: departments and faculties can specify if an opportunity is specific to them.

This is a landing page to give visibility to roles at UCL, rather than a mandatory recruitment space.

Professor David Bogle, Pro-Vice-Provost of UCL’s Doctoral School, said: 

Teaching is one of the skills we would like to see our research students develop while at UCL. It is useful both for an academic career and also for careers beyond academia. Getting across complex messages clearly, responding to the needs of people you are teaching, and learning to assess competence are skills people need in a wide range of careers. We hope this portal will provide you with teaching opportunities, training on offer, and guidance as you build you teaching competence.  

How to feature a vacancy

Complete this form to submit your job opportunity. 
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For any queries relating to the website, please contact: valentina.barbaria@ucl.ac.uk