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Arena One

For postgraduate teaching assistants (PGTAs) only.

UCL Arena One is a development pathway for postgraduate students who teach (usually called PGTAs) at UCL, leading (optionally) to the submission of an application to become an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

As researchers who teach, PGTAs can make a unique contribution to UCL’s mission to develop excellence in research-based education. Arena One is designed for you as a postgraduate researcher with teaching and/or assessment responsibilities.

The programme will enable you to think creatively about teaching, learning, and assessment in your discipline. You will also have the opportunity to meet colleagues from different disciplines and to plan practical approaches to helping students learn.

How to register

Step one: Gateway workshop

Arena One begins with an introductory Gateway workshop, designed to prepare you for your teaching responsibilities and introduce you to approaches to teaching and learning.

Session format 

  • One workshop - three hour equivalent workload (90 minutes synchronous and 90 min preparation activities)

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Step two: The Teaching Associate Programme (TAP) 

Once you have completed a Gateway session (or equivalent), you then have the opportunity to join the second stage of Arena One: the Teaching Associate Programme.

Session format

This is an intensive course, it requires on average:

  • 3.5 hour of work per day
  • One 90-minute synchronous session with peers and tutors

The course is hands-on and highly interactive and participants have the opportunity to tailor the content to their needs and teaching contexts.

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Development opportunities for postdocs and other teaching assistants are available through UCL Arena Open.