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Free interdisciplinary programme for UCL students seeking solutions to global problems

26 February 2019

UCL undergraduate and postgraduate students on taught courses can register now for the 2019 UCL Global Citizenship Programme and work with other students from across UCL to address the challenges our world faces

Students on the Global Citizenship programme 2016

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme is an exciting free interdisciplinary programme for all UCL undergraduates and taught postgraduates. It takes place in the last two weeks of Term Three, starting on 28 May. 

It's a brilliant opportunity for students to immerse themselves in cross-disciplinary work with other students from across UCL. 

Please encourage the eligible students you work with to check the Global Citizenship Programme website, find out more, and register for this unique experience. Look out for promotional materials and resources which will help you promote the programme to students. 

Finding solutions to real life problems

Students on the programme will undertake research and practical activities focused on understanding the challenges our world faces, and contributing to the solutions. 

They’ll collaborate with students and staff from different disciplines, meet experts from businesses, charities or community groups, take part in workshops and learn new professional and academic skills, working in teams to find solutions to real-life problems. 

The opportunity to conduct our own research in London was brilliant

To register, students will need to choose one of five strands: three are focused on UCL's Grand Challenges, and two are focused on preparing for your next step after university and putting your skills into practice. 

Outbreak! Infectious disease

Participants on this strand will learn how rapidly a local disease can become a global threat, and explore how individuals and organisations can combat it together.

Power to the Planet! Policymaking for the People and the Environment

Participants on this strand will examine climate change from the perspective of justice, and ask how we can make its effects less unevenly distributed.

Challenging Europe

Participants on this strand will explore the challenges, cultures and diverse languages of Europe.

Active Citizenship

Participants on this strand will develop and apply campaigning skills to create social justice.


Participants on this strand will identify where they want to go after their studies, and develop the skills to get there.

Dealing with current events broadened my knowledge and awareness


Registering is a very simple process. Students don’t have to take an admissions test, complete a complicated application form or have an interview. They just need to complete a simple online registration form, indicating which of the five available strands they would like to do. Spaces are limited, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

More about the Global Citizenship Programme, and links to registration

Global Citizenship

Depending on the strand students are on, they will focus on a different issue. But whichever one they do, they will gain new experiences, learn practical skills and take on challenges that will make their CV stand out, and help to give them the qualities of a global citizen:

  • an understanding of the complexity and challenges of our interconnected world
  • a strong sense of social, ethical and political responsibility
  • skills like teamwork and leadership, and being able to solve problems through innovation and entrepreneurship.

When and where

This year's programme runs for two weeks, from Tuesday 28 May until Friday 7 June (excluding the weekend). It all takes place on UCL's Bloomsbury campus.

For more information, please visit the Global Citizenship Programme website.