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Student Readiness Portal

A new resource hub to prepare students practically and psychologically to learn at UCL.

A Student Readiness Portal, informed by student research, will provide new and returning students with resources to prepare practically and psychologically to learn at UCL, in our temporary operating model. 

The Portal will include a series of activities and easy-to-navigate links to ‘just the right amount’ of key information needed before the start of term. 

The Readiness portal will be accessible from the UCL Current Students page and will include: 

  • carefully curated links to existing and updated web resources to prepare students to start or return to UCL;

  • a new Connected Learning at UCL course (Moodle) that includes a ‘sandbox’ areas to test out core learning tools and platforms;

  • links to accurate, honest, student-centred information about next year provided by the Compliance team;

  • the UCL Introductory Programme - a new online programme that will introduce UCL students to the past, present and future of UCL, and prepare them for joining an academic community of disruptive thinkers; and

  • links or directions to Faculty or departmental specific advice and resources.

This is one of a series of projects focused on enhancing the student experience and student engagement and fostering connections with fellow students, their department, their programme of study and the wider UCL. The Readiness Portal resources will cue up the Making the Most of UCL central campaign (led by Nora Colton and Alex McKee) which provides students with curated content and events to help them to thrive in the first six weeks of university. 

Next steps

The Readiness Portal and Connected Learning at UCL course are on target to be launched six weeks prior to start of term, and in good time for those who take up early enrolment. 

The project team's priority is to work with departmental Connected Learning Leads to ensure students can easily move between central and local resources and information in these crucial ‘preparing to study’ weeks.  More details of the Portal will be shared next week. 

Overview structure of the Student Readiness Portal 

Last updated: 30 July 2020.

Note: the layout, navigation and details of content will be further developed in the next two weeks are are subject to modification.


  • An honest, heartfelt and reassuring video from students

Welcome to our new students

  • Connected learning at UCL course (via Moodle)
  • Curated and updated existing information and links (links likely to Students' Union, Academic Support, Student Support and Wellbeing, links to information about careers, employability and internship focused activities - especially for PGs.

Welcome back to our returning students

  • Connected learning at UCL course - a slimmed down version of the course for new students. 
  • Curated and updated existing information and links (links likely to academic support, Student Support and Wellbeing, links to SPOC s (Small Private Online Courses))

Enrolling on my programme

  • How to enrol and why to enrol early
  • SRS compliance team information: 
    • Signposting to high-level programme-by-programme information about what to expect such as face-to-face hours and other on-campus activity; changes to module availability; information about UCL's plans in the event of a future lockdown 
    • broad information about what to expect from student life beyond the 'classroom' - which facilities and services will be open for face-to-face delivery; what services and facilities will remain online or will be blended. (Areas to be covered will include the UCL Students' Union, student support and wellbeing services, cafes and other food / drink outlets on campus etc).

The UCL introductory programme

  • A short course that introduces UCL: its history, its culture, who we are and academic life here. Find out more about the Introductory Programme

What to expect in the first few weeks ('Making the most of UCL' campaign)

Getting ready for my programme of study

  • Directs to Faculties and Departments for programme-level welcome and preparedness information.