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'Make the most of UCL': a six-week campaign to support student transition to university

Programme to support student transition for the crucial first six weeks at UCL.

The Education Planning team is excited to launch a new ‘Make the Most of UCL’ campaign aimed at students in the first six weeks of their first term at UCL.

Aim of the programme

Research shows that this transition period can have long-term effects on a student’s success, and it will be particularly significant this academic year when students return and arrive to a different student experience.

To complement existing welcome and induction programmes, as well as the Transition Mentor scheme, the ‘Make the Most of’ campaign will extend over the first six weeks, aiming to foster a culture of active engagement and learning in new undergraduate and postgraduate taught students.

Three areas are critical to this initial experience – social adjustment, academic adjustment and career aspirations. It is in these early weeks where a student gains social capital that will be critical later in their academic experience and, particularly, in hard times.

When Term One starts, there is so much to learn about UCL and London, it can get sidestepped if not built into the student experience. While welcome events are essential, students often cannot remember everything they have heard or been exposed to. In studies of remote/online learners, they tend to be most aware of the library and counseling services and least aware of other central services. Furthermore, less than 50% of students studying remotely use the offered support services.

The programme will offer students:

  • opportunities to build meaningful relationships
  • a coherent programme of activities, that embeds knowledge of the essential services and communities that will help with their success as a student (including Student Support and Wellbeing, Careers)
  • connections with all the opportunities outside their programmes, including Students’ Union, clubs and societies, volunteering and entrepreneurship.

How it will work

See the Make the Most of UCL student site.

Themed events and content

Central services and the Students' Union are scheduling events and developing content around a set theme for each week. A communications campaign, under the branding "Make the Most of UCL", will signpost students to these themed events, trainings, blogs and videos each week.  

Wednesday afternoons during these first six weeks will be essential for activities and to ensure that students have time and space to engage with the weekly themes.

WeekDatesCampaign theme

Week 1:

Monday 28 September - Friday 2 OctoberMake the Most of...UCL Life. 

Week 2:

Monday 5 October - Friday 9 OctoberMake the Most of...UCL Student Support and Advice Services

Week 3: 

Monday 12 October - Friday 16 OctoberMake the Most of...your Academic Self

Week 4:

Monday 19 October - Friday 23 OctoberMake the Most of...UCL Careers and Alumni

Week 5: 

Monday 26 October - Friday 30 OctoberMake the Most of...UCL Culture

Week 6: 

Monday 2 November - Friday 6 NovemberMake the Most of...London

Weekly emails

Each Monday, new undergraduate and postgraduate students will receive an email with an introduction to the 'Make the Most of...' theme of the week. The email will signpost a few key 'not to miss' items or events scheduled for the week ahead. 

The Welcome to UCL app will extend into the first six weeks of term and will be updated with weekly 'Make the Most of' content. 


A new 'Make the Most of UCL' webpage will go live from the New students landing page at the start of term and will act as a hub for all of the theme-related content. All of the blogs, checklists, videos etc. will be available there, alongside a feed promoting relevant upcoming events for that week. 

Social media

UCL's main social media channels will promote the campaign and a photo competition is being firmed up - so watch this space for the latest updates and please do share with your followers!. 

On-campus branded signage

Those returning to Bloomsbury will be greeted by 'Make the Most of UCL' branded signage, including banners across the Portico, the front gate and key locations around campus. 

Departmental / Faculty signposting

We're aware that departments and faculties are busy preparing your own welcome or 'settle in' events and activities. We are sharing a detailed outline of what each theme will cover, as well as the key events scheduled for each week, to help avoid duplicate work and enable you build on and/or incorporate them into your own plans. By creating a coherant programme in this way, our aim is that students, wherever they are and however they choose to engage, reach their sixth week at UCL with a sense of belonging and active learning.

Download an overview of the 'Make the Most of UCL' themes

Note: the events listed are indicative of what to expect and are still subject to change. The 'Make the Most of UCL' webpage will contain the final listings. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Leigh Kilpert (Head of Strategic Engagement, Office of the Vice Provost Education & Student Affairs). 

    Communications toolkit

    Powerpoint slides

    What's available:

    • The PowerPoint slide deck (available to download above) includes an overall campaign slide, and a set of slides for each weekly theme: one theme holding slide, 1-2 theme contents slides and a slide listing that week's top events.  
    • You will also have the option to download theme specific slides. 

    How you can use them:

    • Attach these slides to any promotional post you put up on Moodle 
    • Attach them in any campaign promotional emails you send to students 
    • Present the slides at your welcome and induction events – as a minimum, you could include the campaign introductory slide up at the beginning of any online and face-to-face event.


    What's available:

    1x A3 campaign promotional poster 

    How you can use it:

    • Print out and hang in offices or teaching spaces in department buildings.

    Email signature

    What's available:

    An email signature for your UCL email address.

    How you can use it:

    Insert this under your current email signature on Microsoft Outlook.

    Digital banners

    What's available:

    • 1 x Master campaign digital banner in 16x9 dimensions (mp4 file)
    • 1 x Master campaign digital banner in 9x16 dimensions (mp4 file)
    • 6 x theme specific digital banners in 16x9 dimensions (mp4 file)
    • 6 x theme specific digital banners in 9x16 dimensions (mp4 file)

    How you can use them:

    • These can be used on your staff and student computers on and off campus.
    • You could play them at the beginning of any 'Make the most of UCL' promotional presentations.
    • These can be used in social media posts to promote the campaign.

    Social media materials

    What's available:

    • 'Make the Most of UCL' campaign badges (png file) 
    • UCL’s central social media channels will be posting campaign content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday which we encourage you to share and retweet etc. 

    How you can use them:

    • The campaign badges – if you’re putting out MTM content/ promoting MTM on your own social media channels, you can attach our social media badges to any imagery or video content you post on social media 
    • You can attach badges to your imagery and videos either by using Photoshop or more easily using Canva – a free online photo editing tool. You’ll need to download the badge you wish to use from our resource pack and then upload it onto Canva. You’ll then need to also upload your social media image onto canva and then lay the badge on top of your image and download. You’ll now have your social media image with the 'Make the Most of' badge on it. Badges should be placed in the top right hand corner of any image. 

    Download the 'Make the Most of UCL' communications toolkit