Sustainable UCL


Staff Sustainability Opportunities

We’re inviting you to take part in making a sustainable UCL. You can change what’s possible tomorrow, by making a change today.
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Make Your Office Sustainable

Use 'Green Impact' to help improve the environmental impact of your office.

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Make Your Lab Sustainable

Use 'LEAF' to help improve the environmental impact of your lab.

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Sustainable Curriculum

Resources to help academics embed sustainability into the curriculum. 

Faculty Lead Green Champions

Get in touch with your Faculty Lead Green Champion if you would like to join or create a Green Impact or LEAF team, become a Green Champion or have queries about sustainability practice within your faculty. 

Events and Key Dates for Green Impact

Book a spot at our events by heading to our 'News and Events' page and clicking attend via Eventbrite.

Staff events calendar - all events can be found on our 'News and Events' webpage

Resources to help you become a Sustainable Staff member

Green Impact Resources

Look through our posters, inductions and resources for a sustainable office here.

LEAF Resources

Look through our technical guides, inductions and other resources for a sustainable lab here.

Wild Bloomsbury
Find resources to create a Wild, Healthy Bloomsbury. Includes planting and active travel resources here.
The Loop

Find resources on buying sustainable products and guidance on how to reduce, share and recycle at UCL here.

Positive Climate

See our resources to reduce your carbon and create a positive climate for people and planet here.

Cycle and Walk to UCL

Reconnect with nature and get fit by walking and cycling to UCL here.

Check Before You Chuck

We’ve got three main streams of waste; green, orange and black bins. Find out where to put those tricky items here.

Create Sustainable Events

Top tips for running sustainable and carbon neutral events at UCL here.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Take our 'Intro to Sustainable UCL' 15 minute course here.

Top 10 Tips

See our 10 simple top tips for making a positive impact right now here.