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LEAF Resources and Materials

These resources will help you improve the sustainability impacts of your lab.

Set up a LEAF team

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Reduce plastic waste

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Recycle in labs

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Adapt experiment design 

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Make freezers energy efficient

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Got a question about LEAF, find the answer here. 

Cut out of introduction to LEAF infographic

Introduction to LEAF Infographic

Infographic introducing LEAF, including some of the programme's benefits and actions.

Plastic poster

Plastic labs poster

Infographic poster identfying 10 ways to reduce plastic in labs. 

Green chemistry poster

Sustainable chemistry poster

Infographic poster identfying 12 principles of green chemistry.

Get resources and materials

Fume cupboard stikers

A prompt to remind staff and students to keep the sash closed.

Image of LED light

Equipment efficiency fund application form

A fund to facilitate the procurement of energy efficient equipment.

Image of a piggy bank

Equipment efficiency funding guidance

Guidance on applying for UCL's equipment efficiency fund.

part of lab recycling poster

Non hazardous recycling poster

A poster to show which items can go in non-hazardous lab recycling bins at UCL.


Labs departure form

Helps track leftover chemicals or samples from departing staff/students (requires enforcement).

An image of a lab

Sustainable labs induction

A short guide to introduce new staff/students on how to lead a sustainable lab.

Image of switch off stickers

Switch off stickers

Stickers to remind people to switch off. Email UCL Sustainability for print-outs. 

Lab switches

Daily departure document

A shut-down checklist for staff (tailor to your lab).

Lab equipment

Equipment guide

Tips on purchasing best value and quality equipment. 


Sustainable lab consumables guide

Guidance on sustainable lab consumable use, focused on reducing single-use plastics in science. Word version here.

Research in lab

Green lab programme initiation guide

A resource to help you set up a sustainable labs programme


LEAF in the media

See what others are saying about LEAF in the media

Please email Martin Farley for print-outs and advice on sustainable labs.