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Energy saving resources

UCL can save tonnes of CO2 by just shutting down and switching off lights, appliances and anything that might have been left running when it doesn't need to.

A plug symbol with text reading: 'switch off'.

19 November 2022


Did you know a computer left on overnight for a year creates enough CO2 to fill a double-decker bus? 

Here is a selection of tips and resources to support you, your department and halls to save energy. 

  • Have a shutdown policy for your department;
  • Have a designated person responsible for checking at the end of every day;
  • Check windows and doors are closed and locked;
  • Switch off power sockets for appliances that don't need power;
  • Turn off all the lights.

Switch off resources

Computer switch-off 

Lights switch-off 

Accommodation switch off 

The energy used to light up UCL accommodation annually creates the same CO2 as flying to New York 200 times!