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Water saving at UCL

There are a number of sustainable water initiatives at UCL.

Photograph of water fountains

21 July 2021

Water fountains

UCl is committed to making free drinking water accessible to all students and staff.

UCL Estates is increasing the number of water fountains across campus. By adding more fountains, we are hoping to reduce single-use plastic on campus. 

If you have identified any additional water fountains, or an existing fountain has been removed, please contact us.

Additional water fountain resources 

Drinking water stickers 

UCL is proud to have a multinational community. However, it means that not everyone is aware that tap water is safe to drink in the UK.

We have produced stickers to go on sinks and fountains which advertise safe drinking water. Since the Cancer Institute installed these stickers in our pilot, there has been a decrease in plastic water bottle sales by 38.9%.

Please contact us for stickers, and help UCL reduce single-use plastics and make drinking water accessible.

Dripping taps

It is estimated that a dripping tap can waste up to 15 litres of water a day. Reporting drips and leaks makes a valuable contribution to combatting water wastage. 

UCL Water Group

Interested in water management? Water management is a topic that requires a cross-disciplinary approach.

UCL Water Group Facebook group aims to bring together researchers, academics, professionals and interested individuals in areas related to the management of water.