Transition Mentor Programme Awards 2023

The Transition Mentor Programme is hosting an awards ceremony to recognise the outstanding Senior and Transition Mentors who dedicate their time and energy to first-year students joining UCL.

UCL Portico, Wilkins Building shown with welcome banners
Transition Mentor Programme Awards

These Awards celebrate outstanding contributions from UCL Transition and Senior Mentors as part of UCL Transition Mentor Programme.

The celebration is scheduled to take place on Thursday 18 January 2024 with more details to come regarding the event in due course.

Nominations are currently open to all participants in the Programme across UCL. 

Awards will be given out in the following categories:

Transition Mentor Awards Categories 

The Unsung Hero Award

This award celebrates Transition Mentors who quietly make a difference by being consistently dedicated, organised and committed to supporting their Mentees and the Transition Mentor Programme. 

The Wellbeing Warrior Award

This award is for Transition Mentors who have championed wellbeing support and made significant contributions to cultivating a positive mental health culture within their Mentor Group.

The Above & Beyond Award

This award recognises outstanding Transition Mentors who have gone the extra mile to support their Mentees, going above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference to their Mentees' transition to UCL.

The Innovation & Creativity Award

This award is for Transition Mentors who have delivered innovative and creative sessions for their Mentor Group, cultivating exceptional engagement and interest in UCL and/or London.

Transition Mentor of the Year

All nominations will be automatically considered for this award by the Transition Team. 

Senior Mentor Awards

The Administrative Excellence Award

This award recognises outstanding service delivery by Senior Mentors who perform administrative duties and provide administrative support to Transition Mentors, Departments and the Transition Team.

Senior Mentor of the Year

This award celebrates Senior Mentors who exercise outstanding leadership, initative and overall excellence in their Senior Mentor duties to Transition Mentors, Departments and the Transition Team.

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