Remarkable Stories

We're showcasing the diversity, resilience and achievements of our staff, students and alumni by telling their Remarkable Stories.

We'll be releasing a new podcast interview with a different student, staff member or alumnus/alumna each week, who'll be sharing their personal stories on a range of topics relevant to us all. We hope that they inspire our community to persevere and stay positive in these tough times and long afterwards.

“I am Gia Lulic and I work with the Organisational Development team at UCL. In each episode of our new podcast, I'll be in conversation with a UCL guest as they share with us their stories and life lessons. Join us to hear the inspiring experiences of students, staff, and alumni from across the UCL community – and discover their top insider tips on thriving during university and work life, starting a business, and managing difficult periods in life.

Have a Remarkable Story that you'd like to share with UCL? Please get in touch.

Remarkable Stories, Season 3

Remarkable Story #1 - Ali's incredible journey from refugee to electronic engineering

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Remarkable Story #2 - Beth's fascinating story as a West-end actress

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Remarkable Story #3 - Gia's experience with becoming an author and podcast host

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Link to Gia's book; Joyful Journey – A guide back to the wild self - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1399934392

Remarkable Story #4 - Julia's journey in academia

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Remarkable Story #5 - Lakkaya and overcoming the challenges of studying with dyslexia

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Remarkable Story #6 - Mouhssin's journey from lawyer to sixth form principal

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Remarkable Stories, Season 2 

Remarkable Story #1 - Shakaila's fashion journey and social change

UCL alumna, fashion psychologist and founder of “Fashion is Psychology” Shakaila Forbes-Bell talks to us about her fascinating academic journey, career success in the cutting-edge field of fashion psychology, and ambitions for the future. We also take a deep dive into the theme of Black Lives Matter, social change and the challenges that come along with forging your own path.

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Remarkable Story #2 - Fiona and success mindset

UCL's Vice President (Operations), Fiona Ryland, takes time out of her schedule to talk with us about her fascinating journey to get to where she is today. From her humble beginnings as the first in her family to attend university to becoming  Vice President (Operations) of UCL, we explore the challenges she has faced, themes such as impostor syndrome and the importance of having the right mindset for success. 

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Remarkable Story #3 - Cynthia and depression

Depression is a common mental health difficulty amongst both our students and wider society. In this episode of Remarkable Stories, we speak to UCL alumna Cynthia Ko about her own struggle with depression, the reasons behind it, and what keeps her energised and moving forward.

Content warningplease note if you are experiencing or have experienced depression or any other mental health issue, this episode will delve into recaps of experiences some listeners may find distressing.

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Remarkable Story #4 - Volodymyr and volunteering

UCL Mechanical Engineering student and co-lead of the inspiring student-led “Project Impactive”, Volodymyr Kyselov talks about his fascinating life, which has already taken him to various parts of the world and seen him work on a number of important social initiatives. Volodymyr talks candidly about what drives him, his ambitions for the future, and his current work with Project Impactive.

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Remarkable Story #5 - Carol and domestic abuse

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, in 2020 the number of domestic abuse incidences rose significantly following the first national lockdown in the UK. In this episode, UCL’s Carol Rivas, Associate Professor in Social Policy and Programme Evaluation, speaks to us about her own experiences with domestic violence, the effect it has had on her and her family, and where she is today.

Content warningplease note if you are experiencing or have experienced any form of abuse, this episode will delve into recaps of experiences some listeners may find distressing.

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Remarkable Story #6 - Ashley's education journey

Former child actress from UK soap opera ‘Hollyoaks’ and current UCL student Ashley Slanina-Davies takes us through her fascinating and unusual journey of growing up on television and how this has led her to her current role as UCL Sabbatical Officer and student of neuroscience. Ashley talks candidly to us about how being an actress led her to discovering her passion for psychology and inspired her ambitions.

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 Remarkable Stories, Season 1 

Remarkable Story #1 - Alex and anxiety

Alex Page, who works within the Office of Vice Provost Advancement shares how anxiety has affected his life in unexpected ways. 

Content warning: please note, if you are currently managing a mental health condition or have done so in the past, this episode will delve into recaps of experiences that you may find distressing. 

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Remarkable Story #3 - Nick and coming out as LGBTQ+

Nick Coveney, a publisher and UCL alumnus, shares his personal experiences of coming out as gay and growing up as someone in the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Remarkable Story #2 - Rice Inc. and entrepreneurship

UCL students Lincoln Lee and Kisum Chan – who founded the social enterprise Rice Inc. – tell us about getting involved with with UCL Innovation & Enterprise. 

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Remarkable Story #4 - Shahid and his education journey

Shahid shares his journey from studying in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime, to being accepted to study chemistry at UCL, and then his Master's at Cambridge University.  

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