Self-help and other resources

We offer a range of self-help books through our library. There are also many good online resources and external organisations that can offer support at little to no cost.

Self-help may be as simple as thinking about and identifying the issues that are blocking you from moving forward. It may be just talking the issue through with somebody you trust – a friend, a family member, a tutor or religious leader.

The self-help resources we can provide are useful in helping you understand the issues you are dealing with, which is in turn a useful step in dealing with them. They may provide a solution in themselves; they may raise questions you'd like to explore with your therapist, or they may supplement other forms of help you receive.

Borrow a book from our library

Borrow a book from our library

Our library of self-help books has been built up over several years. Many of the titles have been recommended to us by other students who have found the books useful.  

Online self-help resources

Find out more about self-help resources

All of the resources we recommend have been reviewed and approved by our staff as appropriate, effective and safe for helping you through your difficulties.

Counselling from other organisations

Link to support from other organisations

There are other agencies besides Student Psychological and Counselling Services where UCL students can seek help, therapy or counselling for little to no cost.

Specific student groups

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There is a range of information and support at UCL for students from underrepresented groups. Learn more about the resources available to you.