Log in to Portico to select your preferred modules

Guidance on how to select your modules

You can access module selection via the My Studies page on Portico. See the section called My Modules which contains:

  • a link to the module selection task (if you have modules to select)
  • a link to the UCL Module Catalogue
  • details of your current module selections

How to select your modules

  1. Log in to Portico and click the My Studies tab in the navigation bar (Fig.1)

    Portico My Studies tab
    Fig.1 – Portico My Studies tab
  2. Scroll down to the My Modules section (Fig.2) and click the Module Selection button.

    Portico Module Selection button
    Fig.2 – Module Selection button
  3. You can view compulsory modules in the Compulsory Modules section (Fig.3). These modules have been automatically added to your record. If this section is empty it means you do not have any compulsory modules.

    Portico Compulsory Modules
    Fig.3 – Compulsory Modules section
  4. Scroll down to the Choose credits section (Fig.4) and click the View List button to choose your optional modules.

    Portico Choose credits
    Fig.4 – Choose credits section
  5. View your chosen optional modules in the Selected Modules section (Fig.5) and click Save Selections.

    Portico Save Selections
    Fig.5 – Selected Modules section
  6. Scroll up to the Useful Information container and click the Module Selection Draft Timetable link.

  7. Check your draft timetable for clashes and check your module locations to ensure you have sufficient travel time betweek campuses (Fig.6)

    Clashes (i.e. two teaching events happening at the same time where there are no alternative event times you can attend for either module): Clashes will be outlined in red. 
    Module locations: Events at UCL East are highlighted with a dark blue, thicker border. Click on the location icon for each timetable event to view the location in google maps. We recommend you allow an hour to travel between UCL Bloomsbury and UCL East, if you have additional accessibility needs you may wish to allow longer. 

    Portico draft timetable

    Timetable key

    Fig.6 – Draft timetable
  8. If you have clashes or do not have sufficient time to travel between campuses, you should change your module selections, save and re- check your timetable. Your department can provide additional information to help you understand your timetable if required. 

  9. When you have made all your module selections, click Submit Selections (Fig.7) and then Done to send your choices to your department for approval.

    Please note: If you do not click Submit Selections and then Done, your department will not be able to see your selections for approval.

    Portico Submit Selections
    Fig.7 – Submit Selections

  10. If you see a Selections Not Valid pop-up message (Fig.8), this is likely because selection conditions have not been met. Read the details in the pop-up message and check the conditions at the top of each module container (making sure you meet each requirement) before resubmitting your selections.

    Selections Not Valid pop-up
    Fig.8 – Selections Not Valid pop-up
  11. You can request to change your optional modules after you have submitted them. Go to the My Studies tab and click the Change module button next to the optional module you want to change (Fig.9). This can be done up to 17 May 2024.

    If you wish to make a change after 17 May 2024, you can do so from mid-July 2024. Further guidance will be provided mid-July 2024.

    Portico Request Changes
    Fig.9 – Change module button