UCL offers £30 to take part in a focus group

24 October 2022

UCL are offering students starting a new course at UCL, £30 in vouchers to take part in our new student focus groups.

Group of students working around a laptop

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we are looking to create focus groups made up of students starting a new course at UCL; both international and UK students.

What is a focus group?

A focus group is a group interview involving who have been brought together to give their thoughts and opinions on a service, product, idea, etc.

The 'service' we are interested in is how your first few weeks were at UCL and how well you settled in. It's very relaxed and there are no wrong answers! All we want to hear about is your opinion.

By taking part in these focus groups, you give us a huge amount of information which we can use to continue improving student experience here at UCL.

How do I take part?

All you have to do is fill out our quick and easy form, give a few details, answer a few basic questions and we will contact the successful focus group particpants afterwards.

Focus group form