National Student Money Week 2022 is almost here!

16 February 2022

Starting on Monday 21st February, this year’s National Student Money Week (NSMW) theme is Sustainable Spending. To celebrate we’ve got a range of live webinars available to support you to make your money go further.

National Student Money Week 2022 Sustainable Spending logo

Do you want to know more about how you can manage your money in a sustainable way? Want tips on how to spend less and cut back on waste? UCL along with National Student Money Week’s (NSMW) partners are putting on a range of sessions designed to help you make your money go further, how to spend ethically, how to keep your money safe, and about your financial futures for life after graduation.

This year, NSMW coincides with the final week of the ongoing Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing (SFFW). So far, in the SFFW we’ve covered three of the four building blocks of financial wellbeing: Get, Build and Grow. Next week we’ll cover the final building block, Protect, focusing on how you can protect your money by recognising scams and learning more about financial coercion and crime. Sign up at the SFFW website.

Take a look at our programme of webinars taking place throughout the week, and sign up below:


Tuesday 22nd February


HSBC: Banking Safely and Securely

A guide on how to recognise fraud and protect yourself, your online identity and your money. This session focuses on the different types of fraud you might be targeted with and the financial risks associated with spending money online.




Money Advice Scotland: Foundations of Financial Wellbeing

In this webinar we bring it back to basics and discuss how to keep track of your money in today’s busy world. We will talk about budgeting, as well as some tools and techniques for managing your money in the long term. We will also discuss how to make the most of saving money and the different types of bank accounts available.

Zoom link. Passcode: 319638



The Money Charity: Student Money Workshop

This workshop will cover Student Finance (how it works and how it is re-paid), the cost of living independently (how much things cost, how to budget to afford them, and how spending might change when transitioning from university to working life), and common money worries (what money challenges students often face and how to overcome them).



Wednesday 23rd February


HSBC: Tracking and Managing your Outgoings

Looks at how to stay on top of your spending to make sure you don’t get caught out by unexpected bills, as well as making sure you are getting value for money when you do spend.




Money Advice Scotland: Financial Futures

In this webinar we think about our future, specifically our pensions. We will also discuss getting a mortgage and how to look after your credit score.

Zoom link. Passcode: 286710


Thursday 24th February


HSBC: Borrowing Money and Understanding Interest

Most people will think about borrowing and interest at some point in their lives. This session will help you to evaluate borrowing, saving and credit card options in everyday life, including AER, APR and compound interest.



Friday 25th February


UCL Student Funding Advice: Money Management and Sustainable Spending

This session will focus on general money management techniques, an overview on creating a budget, money saving tips for everyday, and tips on how to avoid waste.

MS Teams link