English Language testing

17 February 2022

If you are an international student at UCL who took the Pearson PTE Academic test to come and study in the UK, we want to hear from you.


University researchers from the UCL Institute of Education in London working on the project: The Future of Artificially Intelligent (AI) examination.

English Language testing is at the forefront of using AI in Higher Education and this research focuses on the Pearson PTE Academic test of English. With your help we aim to develop a deeper understanding of test takers' experiences of electronic high-stakes language testing. 

If you have taken the Pearson PTE Academic test to come and study in the UK, please consider taking part in the following way: 

  • You can fill in the short online survey we have created
  • You are warmly invited to join an online focus group study. We have a limited number of Amazon vouchers to offer to focus group participants. Please email Jelena and she will contact you shortly (Jelena.popov.14@ucl.ac.uk)

Find out more about the project as well as the work of project leads Professor Mary Richardson and Professor Sandra Leaton Gray.