Supermarkets in the UK

17 August 2021

Which supermarket is going to be the best one for you when you're living in London? Let's find out!

Supermarket aisle

Please note that since this video was created in July 2021, prices have obviously increased. However, the order of 'cheap to expensive' almost certainly hasn't changed.

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There are so many super important things to think about when coming to study in the UK from abroad. Visas, accommodation, a new teaching style...the list is long.

Something you may not think about for a while though is which UK supermarket suits you best. Well...you should be. The Office of National Statistics estimates that individuals living in the UK spend about 21% of their annual budget on food and non-alcoholic drink (Office of National Statistics, 2021). It's worth knowing the best place to spend a potential 1/5 of your budget!

Thankfully, International Student Support have made a video to help our new international students find out about the main supermarkets in the UK, the average cost of a weekly shop there and the location of each supermarket's nearest store. Enjoy!