MindSET - an anxiety and distress managing resource

29 October 2020

Have you found that you've been feeling anxious, distressed or overwhelmed recently? If so, try using MindSET, a resource that helps you manage these feelings so that they have a less negative impact on your life. Find out more below...

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Do you ever feel anxious, distressed and overwhelmed and don’t know how to deal with it? Well MindSET is a free, interactive online resource to help young people (16-30yrs) manage their feelings of anxiety and distress and when feeling overwhelmed. It’s hosted by young mental health advocates and experienced therapists, sharing concrete skills and tools that can be used immediately. 

MindSET provides you with...

  • A weekly ‘MindSET Hour’ – a live session hosted by young people working alongside experienced and qualified mental health professionals.
  • Access to recorded highlights each week in the MindSET Library.
  • The MindSET Workout – Illustrations sharing skills, exercises and ideas to help regulate emotions and manage distress. 
  • MindH@ck – a 1 minute ‘how to’ video showing skills in action

Take a look at out previous sessions on YouTube and gain an insight into the kind of skills and approach being offered.

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