14 February 2020

Lesson 2 «Anything is a bed if you’re brave enough.» In Katerina's second blog she shares 4 lessons she learnt whilst travelling. 


Travelling to Singapore from London already feels like you have reached infinity. Now let me tell you how you go beyond.


Lesson 1

«The better you are at charades, the more exciting your trip will be.»


You might be lucky and stay at a hotel owned by a wonderful family, who will give you absolutely priceless advice—from which ride-hailing app to use to where to eat dinner without getting sick. No Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet webpage tells you the full story and your travels will be so much better if you are flexible with your plans and you talk to people in the streets. There might be a language barrier but your face and hands can go a long way.


Lesson 2

«Anything is a bed if you’re brave enough.»

If you have no problem taking a nap on the bus from school, rejoice. Overnight buses are your next favourite thing. Think about it—you could either fly during the day (which is super bad for your skin by the way) and book a night in a hotel OR you can execute a 2-in-1 mission.


Lesson 3

«Khnom chmous Kate. Jos nak vinh?»

Haggling with a smile and in Khmer will likely save you a few dollars. With basic Thai skills you can also order food without meat and tell the chef the food was delicious (because, honestly, it really was!) If you know the Burmese numbers, you will know when the next train is due. A simple list of phrases should always be in your pocket.


Lesson 4

«Be open but skeptical.»

While you should engage and talk to people as much as you can, scams and tourist traps are unfortunately a real threat. Think fake charges for visa processing or surcharges for booking through an agent who receives a commission— you would even be wrong to trust a real police officer who directs you to a tourist centre claiming that there is a 30% discount on that day! It is good to do some price research in advance and to be familiar with some popular tourist traps. Importantly, though, remember that this happens to the most circumspect of us—don’t let it put you off travelling or talking to the locals! The occasional ‘I can’t believe I fell for this’ moment is part and parcel of an adventurous lifestyle.



By Katerina Kupkova