Your UCL bucket list

3 December 2020

Joanna gives you her bucket list of things to do when you're a new student at UCL!

UCL portico roof

Starting at university can be a daunting task, so we’ve compiled a bucket list of things to do to get you started along on your academic journey – whether it’s on campus or remotely!

Start of term activities

Clubbing may be off the table for a while, but there’s no reason you can’t get involved with the many start of term activities. Check the Union website for updates on the schedule for small gatherings and online taster sessions.

Join a society

UCL societies are doing the absolute most to ensure you have a rewarding experience as a joining member, regardless of whether you’re joining remotely or in person on campus! The Union directory can point you to the social media sites of your favourite society, where you are sure to find online and in-person events. From weekly online boardgames with the Sci-fi and Fantasy Society on Discord, to Dance Society’s (award winning) Social DisDancing events – there’s something for everyone to get involved with!

Get in touch with the culture

Whether you’re in London or not, the culture of the city is right at your fingertips. Check out the many free online exhibitions of the capital’s galleries and museums, or pop over for a socially-distanced exhibit viewing for a dose of art.

Join Facebook groups

The best way to start making friends, especially during the pandemic, would be through digital spaces – make a groupchat with incoming students in your department or class, or scout out the cohort Facebook group. UCLove is a great place to advertise these!

Organise a digital study group

It’s difficult to stay organised and focused, especially for those of you who are unable to move to campus – creating small groups for studying and catching up over programs like Zoom can be really useful to maintain a good balance of social and work life!

Utilise your UCL account

Cancelled your Netflix subscription? No worries, check out the UCL Centre for Language & International Education for free blockbusters! Don’t forget you can sign in with your student account to browse the library for your next autumn read, too!

Create a study space

Whether you’re in halls or at home, having a good study space is crucial to being focused. Get your desk set up in a quiet space and maybe pick up a plant or two to keep you company as you work through those essays.

Download UCL apps

Stay in touch with all UCL updates with our apps! You can find your timetables, campus maps, and upcoming events right on your phone. If you haven’t arrived on campus, the Welcome to UCL app is your one stop shop for all the information and start of term events you’ll want to attend. Once you’ve settled in to your new student like, UCL Go! is your next port-of-call.


Joanna Pruchniewska, UCL Global Ambassador and Student Blog Contributor