Deadly Dublin Dinners

3 April 2020

In her fourth blog, Joanna gives us her recommendations for cheap eats and drinks in Dublin.


Living in Dublin will roughly cost the same as living in London; don’t be surprised, it’s a capital city. But with that price tag come the perks of some of the most ingenious and strange restaurants I’ve had the pleasure to visit. I’ve compiled some iconic (and cheap) spots to grab some food, a pint, and so on. You’re welcome.


Here’s what’s up: garlic butter fries. Are they a little bit greasy? Damn right they are. Am I seriously considering day trips back to Dublin purely to get some of these bad boys? Maybe so. Who are you to judge?

Oh, also, Wowburger spots are usually attached to pubs, which means the student meal deal is served with a pint. Dare I say, iconic?

Location: you’re 5 minutes away from a Wowburger at all times, trust me. My personal favourite is the Workman’s Bar.

Bread and Bones

A burger place with an Asian twist. They just put kimchi on everything and, somehow, it works? I’ve also never received judgement for just buying a plate of their Monster fries as a meal - if anything, it’s encouraged.

Location: 7 Millennium Walkway

Butlers Chocolate Café

She’s a little pricey, but believe me, it is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Also, they give you a cute little chocolate with every purchase, and my student mentality of ‘take any free food that is offered from a reputable source’ really kicks in.

Location: every street has a Butlers. Every. Single. Street.

Mongolian BBQ

Have you SEEN that lunch deal though? Probably not, but I can assure you, at €7.90 per bowl from 12-4.30pm every day, it’s worth it. It’s an entirely customisable meal, from the meat, vegetables, sauces, down to the very spices which you’ll probably overdo on your first visit.

Location: 7 Anglesea Street, just off of Temple Bar

Murphy’s Ice Cream

If you need ice cream at 10pm, this is the place. They have some really… Questionable flavours (Caramelised Brown Bread ice cream? Who asked for that?), but you get a chance to try as many of them as you like. Seriously, the people who work here are incredibly patient. The Chocolate Sorbet is their finest work.

Location: Wicklow Street, just off Grafton Street.

Stag’s Head

For all your pub needs, the Stag’s Head is one of my favourites. Come through Sunday to Tuesday for one of their iconic Comedy Crunch nights, where they serve free ice cream in the breaks and the host potentially bullies you a little bit for having an English accent.

Location: 1 Dame Court

The International Bar

Would you like to pretend to be cultured in a dimly lit room, surrounded by people infinitely more talented (or, sometimes, just braver) than you? The Circle Room open mic sessions are a staple to most of my Monday nights. I once watched a man from West Virginia playing actual BONES and half-yodelling on that stage. Good times. You can also stop by every night of the week to catch some stand up at the home of Dublin’s first Comedy Club.

Location: 23 Wicklow Street

O’Neills Pub and Kitchen

Decent prices for a classic Irish meal. Tune in to some trad music or watch some Irish dancing.

Location: 2 Suffolk Street

37 Dawson Street

Am I recommending this place partly for the interior aesthetic? Yeah. I’m okay with that. 37 Dawson Street is a whiskey bar, with a really good atmosphere. Go there for the ‘gram.

Location: what it says on the tin.

The Clockwork Door

For the price of about €4.80 per hour, you can enjoy unlimited snacks and drinks in The Clockwork Door, as well as a whole lot of board games, various video games, I think I even saw a couple guitars and a ukulele there. Oh, and they have two escape rooms if you’re feeling it.

Location: 55 Wellington Quay


By: Joanna Pruchniewska