Tel Aviv University

14 March 2019

Yakira Kobrin undertook a two month research programme at Tel Aviv University where she gained valuable lab experience that can be applied to her Neuroscience degree.

tel aviv
Yakira Kobrin, Neuroscience

The Short Mobility Bursary helped towards my time at Tel Aviv University. I was on a programme called Summer Research in the Sciences, a two month programme in which I worked in the lab of Dr Yoni Haitin.  The program allowed me to gain more experience in a lab and experience what type of career my degree in Neuroscience would lead me to. As well as furthering my academic understanding and learning lab techniques, I was able to explore the country and meet other students on the programme. The programme included trips around Israel and accommodation in the dorms.

Tel Aviv was a great city to live for the Summer. Tel Aviv is really a city for young people, the city is full of people from all over the globe, the bars are always packed late into the night, it has a strong foodie culture, great beaches, sunshine and a fun nightlife.

I would strongly recommend students to take a short-term study abroad opportunity in Tel Aviv. Not only was I able to gain experience that will help me in the degree next year, but I met really great people from around the globe, experienced living in a new city and got to spend evenings watching the sunset with some Israeli wine.