Poor sleeper? Let 'Sleepio' help

25 May 2018

Have you been struggling with your sleep for a while now? You should try ‘Sleepio’, an online CBT programme specially designed for people with sleeping difficulties.


What is it?

If you answered yes to the question above, then it sounds like you could be in need of a good night’s sleep and ‘Sleepio’ is here to help. It is a free online self-help programme which uses cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT.

During your time with the programme, you will learn CBT techniques to help you calm your racing mind, and you’ll learn behavioural strategies which will help you reset sleeping patterns naturally, no sleeping pills required.

How does it work?

The great thing about the online course is that you can complete it at your own pace. There is no time limit to it. You log in each week and meet your virtual sleep expert, ‘The Prof’. The Prof will help you to address your thoughts and worries around the topic of sleep, your daily schedule, your lifestyle, and your bedroom.

Each session lasts around 20-30 minutes and there are 6 core sessions. There is even a daily sleep diary helping you to track your progress.

Does it work?

Sleepio was developed by sleep expert, Professor Colin Espie. It is backed by gold standard clinical trials, and has been positively evaluated by NICE. Sleepio is equivalent in effectiveness to in-person sleep therapy.

Click here to start on the Sleepio programme.