International Student Q&A Talks

The International Student Q&A Talks gives new international students the chance to hear from current international UCL students about their experiences as well as ask them questions.

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When you first arrive on campus at UCL as an international student, there will be a million things going through your head. With so many options and so many things to do, it can be really useful to hear from students who have been through the exact same thing you have.

The International Student Q&A Talks have been designed to allow you to hear from current international students, talk about their experience in their first few weeks and months at UCL.

Now what drives the Q&A Talks is a desire to answer as many of your questions as possible. The content talked about by the current UCL students on stage will be driven by the questions you submit before the event and the ones you ask during it.

Perhaps you want to know more about assessments and exams at UCL. You might be thinking about how many clubs or societies you can reasonably join but still complete all your university work. Speaking of work, you might want to make a few extra £££ whilst studying and want to find out about the realities of working and studying at the same time in London. Our current international UCL students have done all of these things and by attending this event, you can benefit from hearing about their experience.

When are they next happening?

  • September 2024

Where are they happening?

The International Student Q&A Talk will be held at the UCL Bloomsbury campus.

How can I attend?

Click on the Q&A Talk date and time below that suits you. You will then need to register for the Q&A Talk on the ticketing system, Eventbrite.

Links will become available in June 2024.

International Student Q&A Talk - Book your slot

Available in June 2024.

All times are given in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

How can I ask questions?

There are 2 different ways to ask questions. Beforehand via our online questions submission form or during the Q&A Talk itself.

To submit questions beforehand, simply choose the Q&A Talk you will be attending and type in your question. This form will become available in June 2024.