The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

A HEAR provides a single comprehensive electronic record which incorporates a transcript and the achievements of a student. This is currently available for UCL undergraduate students only.

This page provides information and guidance on HEAR.

Information and guidance includes:

About HEAR

The HEAR is a national requirement. It includes the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES for a diploma supplement. The HEAR provides a description of the nature, level and context of a programme. As well as verifying academic results it also records non-degree related achievements that have been verified by UCL. These include:
•    being an officer of a Club or Society
•    voluntary activity that has been recognised by the Voluntary Services Unit as being significant enough for inclusion in a HEAR.
•    completed Language Centre modules that do not form part of a student’s degree programme.

Information about HEAR and its benefits is available on the HEAR website 

Eligibility for HEAR

You are eligible for a HEAR if you are an undergraduate student who:

  • first commenced your studies at UCL in the 2011-2012 or thereafter, with the exception of students registered on the following programmes: MB,BS, Intercalated degrees, Affiliate programmes, Certificate in Medicines Management for Pharmacy Technicians programme
  • first commenced your studies in 2012-2013 or thereafter with the School of Pharmacy, with the exception of students registered on the Certificate in Medicines Management for Pharmacy Technicians programme
  • first commenced your studies in 2015-2016 of thereafter with the Institute of Education.

If you are not eligible for a HEAR as set out by the criteria above, you may request a UCL transcript via the UCL on-line shop.

Format of HEAR

The HEAR is a national requirement and the layout and format has been prescribed at a national level by the HEAR National Steering Group. This layout and format has been copyrighted. It is to be provided as an electronic document. The overarching format and data fields of UCL’s HEAR transcripts have been agreed by UCL’s Education Committee and are non-editable. The inclusion of most of the non-degree related achievements can be controlled by students. 

Further information about this is provided in the non-degree related student achievements section.

Accessing HEAR

UCL Student Records are using Gradintel to provide you with a HEAR. Access and use of Gradintel services is free for students. 

Sharing your HEAR with third parties

If you wish to share your HEAR with third parties such as a prospective employer, other higher education institutions or any other third party you can do so by issuing them with a secure token. Third parties, who have a token, may view the verified HEAR and print a copy, but it should be noted that the printed version is no longer a verified record by UCL.

UCL does not have access to any information you post to the Gradintel website.

Publishing your HEAR

UCL Student Records team will publish your interim HEAR on Gradintel’s site twice a year; in August and October. In both cases, publication relates to the previous academic session. You will be made aware when your HEAR are available. Your HEAR will record academic achievements (results) and verified non-degree achievements. Each publication will overwrite any previously published HEAR. When you leave UCL upon graduation, or for any other reason, a final version will be published.

Certified copied of HEAR

On an exceptional basis UCL will provide a paper copy of a HEAR.

Certified printed copies of the HEAR are available upon request via the UCL HEAR on-line shop.

Gradintel services for students not eligible for HEAR 
Gradintel provides other services to students who are currently not eligible for a HEAR. You will need to register directly with Gradintel. These services are also free for students. However UCL will not be uploading academic and non-degree related achievements for these students. 

Access the free Gradintel service here

Non-degree related student achievements

The following activities have been approved for inclusion on HEAR transcripts by the Programme and Module Approval Steering Group on behalf of the Education Committee:

  • Activities verified as significant by the Careers Service
  • Deans List and Academic Medals
  • Departmental/Divisional Prizes
  • Global Citizenship
  • Language Centre courses not undertaken as part of a degree programme
  • Officers of Departmental/Divisional Clubs and Societies
  • Other Activities verified as significant by Outreach
  • Scholarships received for merit and for merit and need
  • StARs
  • Student Ambassadors/Mentors
  • Student Reviewer for Internal Quality Review
  • UCL Advances
  • UCLU Colours
  • UCLU Officers of Clubs and Societies
  • Voluntary activities verified as significant by Museums and Collections
  • Voluntary activities verified as significant by the Voluntary Services Unit

Contacting us

If you have a query relating to HEAR, please email the Student Records team at hear@ucl.ac.uk

If you have a query relating to your academic results, please email the Student Records team at studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk