Managing the Anxieties of a PhD - Doctoral School

21 February 2018–21 March 2018, 2:00 pm–3:30 pm

Managing stress, anxiety, panic and depression

Managing the Anxieties of a PhD - Doctoral School Workshop open only to Masters/PhD Research students only

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UCL students






Valentina Arnold


Student Psychological Services, Room 104, 3 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BT

There are common challenges for students doing their PhD. The decision to pursue further education can lead to a sense of isolation from family and friends and the environment of working alone can lead to feeling isolated from other PhD students. Along with this students can experience knocks to self-esteem and question their ability to see the degree though to the end.

This workshop, running over five weeks, will help students develop strategies to manage and overcome these challenges by looking at issues such as manging doubt and worry, building self-acceptance and understanding how a work/life balance can be maintained.

Please note: As a result of feedback gained from previous doctoral students, it is recommended that you do not sign up for this workshop at the same time as Building Emotional Resilience as a Researcher Workshop. Both are based upon the same psychological model and it is experienced as best to do them at different times of the year to receive the most gains from each workshop.

Registration for this course/workshop is confidential. No information will be passed to your Supervisor or Department.


Commitment to the full 5 sessions is imperative as is the undertaking of tasks between sessions. Students should consider this carefully before applying to the programme.

Please note: hot drinks are not allowed in the  training room.