Confidence Building - Doctoral School

22 February 2018–22 March 2018, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Confidence Building - Doctoral School Workshop open only to Masters/PhD Research students

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Open to

UCL students






Valentina Arnold


Student Psychological Services, Room 104, 3 Taviton Street, WC1H 0BT.

An underlying lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem can undermine academic performance and the ability to communicate effectively with fellow students, colleagues and academic staff. It can also make it difficult to value and use the skills which you already possess.

The workshop will be participatory in style. You will explore your confidence issues with the other course members as well as learn and practice a variety of tools and skills. These will include the use of cognitive behavioural and mindfulness techniques to tackle the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours which can impact on self –esteem. Each student will learn how to identify and work towards a small goal for change over the course. There will also be homework each week (about 1hr). The skills you will learn can then be used to tackle further goals for change in the future.

This five week programme will help you :

  • Identify and build on your strengths.
  • Highlight unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving which undermine self-confidence.
  • Practice new ways of thinking and behaving which promote self confidence.
  • Get together in a safe and confidential environment with others who are experiencing similar difficulties.

In order to build a safe and supportive environment for the course, it is important that you come to the workshop on time and attend all five sessions. 

egistration for this course/workshop is confidential. No information will be passed to your Supervisor or Department.


Commitment to the full 5 sessions is imperative as is the undertaking of tasks between sessions. Students should consider this carefully before applying to the programme.

Please note: hot drinks are not allowed in the  training room.  

The Student Psychological Services is committed to reducing its environmental impact and are unable to provide photocopies of slides from the workshops. We shall email slides from the workshops, as appropriate/necessary,  to you.