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You can find out more about how we respond to your enquiry and how to track its progress.


askUCL provides a comprehensive knowledge base with answers to Students' most common questions. The FAQ section lets you quickly search for answers based on categories and keywords so you can get the answer you're looking for quickly and easily. FAQs are constantly reviewed, updated and created to ensure we have the answers you need when you need them.

We have over 700 FAQs in the knowledge bank to help you find your answers quickly.

Raising an enquiry 

If you can't find what you're looking for in the FAQs, you can raise an enquiry directly through askUCL - no more searching for the right email address or being passed from department to department - askUCL automatically sends your enquiry to the correct team. Even if your enquiry relates to multiple teams, you'll only have to give us your information once as askUCL keeps a record of everything you've told us. 

Tracking your enquiry 

Every enquiry is given a unique enquiry number which allows you to track the progress of your enquiry within askUCL.  By logging into askUCL, at any point you can see which team is currently dealing with your request and what action has been taken. As we progress with your enquiry you will receive updates from teams both in the system and via email. 

Re-opening an enquiry 

If you feel we haven't fully answered your questions or resolved your issue, or if the same issue re-occurs, you can easily re-open your enquiry within askUCL.