Your feedback

Design through student feedback! Share your views and experience of using askUCL to help us make improvements!

What we do

Through various engaging activities, participants are encouraged to share their experience of using askUCL. Activities include:

  • Participating in a focus group;
  • Volunteering for user-testing groups for the askUCL website;
  • Providing feedback on content on the askUCL pages;
  • Participating in phone interviews.

Feedback Activities delivered so far this year

askUCL UX Journey Mapping

We interviewed students and asked them a number of questions about how they looked for information on askUCL and via the UCL web site. We also asked them to feedback their opinions on the design and layout of askUCL and tell us about their experience of using the system.

Our aim was to understand how students navigated to askUCL using their phones and laptops and how they used askUCL to find information. We recorded their digital journies, any challenges and their suggested improvements.

askUCL Category Feedback Workshops

Over 5 interactive workshops, groups of students gave us their feedback on the names of the categories FAQs can be found under, the layout of the FAQ search page and the groupings of FAQs (top level categories and sub-level categories). 

Our aim was to understand any challenges with the layout and terminology used in askUCL FAQs. We asked each workshop group to show us changes they would make and then brought the ideas together to plan how we could make those improvements.

Recent improvements following feedback

  • Better keyword searching enabled to return relevant information
  • Targeted urls on webpages so students get to relevant FAQs quicker
  • More accessible and user friendly FAQ search screen
  • Review and redesign of askUCL 'Ask a Question' section
  • Renaming of categories based on terminology known to students

How you can get involved 

Join our student feedback mailing list and you will be contacted about upcoming opportunities.

All our sessions may include some form of refreshments or participants may be able to win vouchers.

Join our student feedback mailing list

If you choose to register with our feedback group we will only collect the necessary information to contact you. The handling of your data will be compliant with UCL GDPR and data protection policy. You can request to be removed from this group at any time, to do this please contact the support team. For questions and further information please contact the askUCL team.