Discipline-specific skills and interests

Continue to explore and develop your discipline-specific knowledge and skills

Subject Guides

UCL’s Library Services provide detailed subject guides that can help develop your discipline specific knowledge and skills.

Courses to explore

More resources can be found at LinkedIn Learning and The Open University.


Statistics Foundations, LinkedIn Learning

Statistics Foundations 2, LinkedIn Learning

Starting your Career in Tech Software Development, LinkedIn Learning

Advance your Skills in Python, LinkedIn Learning

Mathematics for Science and Technology, The Open University

Particle Physics, The Open University

Toys and Engineering Materials, The Open University

Histology, Microscopy, Anatomy and Disease, The Open University

Humanities & Social Sciences

Studying the Arts and Humanities, The Open University 

What is Politics, The Open University 

Critical Criminology and the Social Sciences, The Open University

English Skills for Learning, The Open University 

Everyday English, The Open University 

Creative Writing and Critical Reading, The Open University  

Paraphrasing Text, The Open University  

Introducing Philosophy, The Open University 

Looking at, Describing and Identifying Objects, The Open University  

Organisations and the Financial System, The Open University 

An Introduction to Material Culture, The Open University

Additional Subjects

Become a Graphic Designer, LinkedIn Learning

Drawing, LinkedIn Learning

Introduction to Photography, LinkedIn Learning

Introduction to Web Design and Development, LinkedIn Learning

An Introduction to Music Theory, The Open University

Start Writing Fiction, The Open University

Composition and Improvisation in Cross Cultural Perspective, The Open University