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This page provides definitions for the various (mostly unpaid) fellowship roles for scholars who want to be associated with UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS).

Scholars wishing an affiliation with UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) have a number of options. Most are unpaid. All require application in advance. 

Research Fellows (Funded)

Research Fellows normally reside in STS in long-term collaborative projects with STS academic staff. They provide funds to cover full economic costs, normally through an application process that involves STS assisting in budgeting. Applicants also are expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the Department and must have a sponsor from amongst STS academic staff. These appointments tend to be fixed-term, lasting one or more years, and renewal is subject to Departmental approval and continued funding.

Honorary Appointments

Honorary Appointments are voluntary arrangements which allow academic researchers from other institutions and businesses, or who have retired, to collaborate with staff in STS. The working relationship is less formal. Applicants are expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the Department and must have a sponsor from amongst STS academic staff. Honoraries are expected to be self-sufficient, requiring no departmental resource. These appointments tend to be fixed-term, lasting up to three years in the first instance, and renewal is subject to approval.

Appointments of STS Honorary Senior Research Associate are made on the same basis to those holding appointments equivalent to UCL's Professor rank. Please make enquiries with STS Head of Department.

Current Honorary Appointments

Below is a list of current honorary appointments within the department. This list is correct as of October 2020. Please note that Emeritus professors are listed on the main STS Academic Staff page.

Prof. Ana Maria Alfonso-GoldfarbHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Toniatiuh AnzuresHonorary Research Associate
Dr Alberto Aparicio de NarvaezHonorary Research Associate
Mr Jack AshbyHonarary Research Associate
Dr Philip BallHonorary Research Associate
Dr Katy BarrettHonorary Research Associate
Dr Michela BellaHonorary Research Associate
Dr Tilly BlythHonorary Research Associate
Dr Timothy BoonHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Alison BoyleHonorary Research Associate
Dr Robert BudHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Michael ButtolphHonorary Research Associate
Dr Chris CampbellHonorary Research Associate
Prof. Geoffrey CantorHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Oliver CarpenterHonorary Research Associate
Dr Annamaria CarusiHonorary Research Associate
Dr Rupert ColeHonorary Research Associate
Dr Huiping ChuHonorary Research Associate
Dr Silvia De BianchiHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Jane DesboroughHonorary Research Associate
Dr Richard DunnHonorary Research Associate
Dr Grant FisherHonorary Research Associate
Dr Toby FriendHonorary Research Associate
Dr Karl GalleHonorary Research Associate
Dr Daniel GlaserHonorary Research Fellow
Prof. Jordan GoodmanHonorary Research Associate
Dr Lesley HallHonorary Research Associate
Dr Alison HessHonorary Research Associate
Dr Rebekah HiggittHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Andrew HopkinsHonorary Research Associate
Dr Hsiang-Fu HuangHonorary Research Associate
Miss Selina HurleyHonorary Research Associate
Sir Roland JacksonHonorary Research Associate
Dr Elizabeth JonesHonorary Research Associate
Dr Rory JubberHonorary Research Associate
Dr Jouni-Matti KuukkanenHonorary Research Associate
Dr Farrah Lawrence-MackayHonorary Research Associate
Dr John Lidwell-DurninHonorary Research Associate
Dr Hattie LloydHonorary Research Associate
Dr Eileen MagnelloHonorary Research Associate
Dr Lara MarksHonorary Research Associate
Dr Oliver MarshHonorary Research Associate
Dr Rebecca MartinHonorary Research Associate
Dr Luisa MassaraniHonorary Research Associate
Dr Marcia Mendes FerrazHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Mr Doug MillardHonorary Research Associate
Mr Keith MooreHonorary Research Associate
Dr Norma MorrisHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Peter MorrisHonorary Research Associate
Mr Charles NorellHonorary Research Associate
Dr Thomas O'DonnellHonorary Research Associate
Dr Themistoklis PantazakosHonorary Research Associate
Dr Matthew PaskinsHonorary Research Associate
Dr Trupti PatelHonorary Research Associate
Dr Uma PatelHonorary Research Associate
Dr Helene Perdicoyianni-PaleologouHonorary Research Associate
Dr Sara PeresHonorary Research Associate
Prof. Naomi PfefferHonorary Research Associate
Dr Meritxell Ramirez-i-OlleHonorary Research Associate
Dr Veronica RanieriHonorary Research Associate
Dr Michael RodgersHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Ms Alexandra RoseHonorary Research Associate
Dr Thomas RoseHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Julia Sanchez-DoradoHonorary Research Associate
Dr Millie SchurchHonorary Research Associate
Dr Norberto SerpenteHonorary Research Associate
Dr Anna SimmonsHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Charlotte SleighHonorary Professor
Dr Charlotte SmithHonorary Research Associate
Mr Martin SmithHonorary Research Associate
Dr Paul SmithHonorary Research Associate
Dr David Teira SerranoHonorary Research Associate
Dr Samantha VanderslottHonorary Research Associate
Ms Shana Van HauwermeirenHonorary Research Associate
Dr Raquel VelhoHonorary Research Associate
Dr Kathleen VogelHonorary Lecturer
Dr Sarah WadeHonorary Research Associate
Dr John WalkerHonorary Research Associate
Dr John WallerHonorary Research Associate
Dr Jacob WardHonorary Research Associate
Dr Andrew WearHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Erik WeberHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Hannah WillsHonorary Research Associate
Dr Jenny WilsonHonorary Research Associate


Facilities for STS Honorary Research Associates

If we do accept you as an Honorary, you can expect that normally we will provide you with:

We do not provide desk space, access to UCL's funding mechanisms, or access to UCL's research administration.

Expectations for STS Honarary Research Associates

 In turn we will expect you to:

  • Abide by UCL policies, especially those to do with ethical research conduct, copyright and the appropriate use of UCL facilities.
  • Acknowledge UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) appropriately in any publications which arise from the period of your appointment.
  • Contribute positively to the research culture and academic life of STS and any research cluster to which you are attached during your appointment.

Please note that all Honoraries who live in the UK must have the right to live and work in the UK and a right-to-work check will be undertaken before conferment of an honorary title.

Although honoraries are paid a salary for their time by their employing institution, they may nevertheless be undertaking voluntary and unpaid work for and on behalf of UCL, and this requires the right to work.

Honoraries who are based overseas and do not visit the UK will not require a right to work check.  However, if they come to the UK and undertake any type of work for or on behalf of UCL, a right to work check or a visitors’ visa check must be undertaken.

Application Procedures for STS Honorary Research Associates

For further information and to download the Honorary Appointment Nomination Form, please refer to the UCL Honorary Staff Appointments Procedure.

All Nomination forms and relevant documentation should be sent to sts@ucl.ac.uk.

Academic Affiliates or Visitors

Academic affiliates or visitors are appointments for academics from overseas who wish to spend a short period at UCL (normally of not less than four weeks and not more than one calendar year) pursuing their own research either individually or in association with STS academic staff. 

Affiliate fees normally are charged. As space is limited within our building, we are unable to accept all those wishing to visit; our priority is focused on applicants whose research interests fit closely with STS academic staff. We encourage visiting researchers to work with their hosts in advance to arrive with an agreed research work plan for their visit.

If you wish to be considered for Academic Affiliate or Visitor status, please get in touch with us via email at sts@ucl.ac.uk.

Visiting Research Students (PhD)

Students currently enrolled on a PhD overseas can apply to study at UCL as a ‘visiting research student’ to conduct research here towards your PhD overseas. You can apply to spend 3 to 12 months at UCL undertaking research which is complementary to the doctoral/PhD project at your 'home' university. The relevant procedures in this case are provided on UCL Visiting Research Student. Fees are normally charged. 

Applicants for Visiting Research Student status must be enrolled as a doctoral student in another university. Please contact the STS PhD programme tutor for more information about this option (sts-phd@ucl.ac.uk). If you wish to apply for doctoral study in STS (e.eg., for a degree awarded by UCL) you should not apply as a visiting student. You must apply through the normal graduate research routes.

Space is very limited and prior to any application it is necessary to establish if your request is feasible. If we choose to take your application forward, we will help you make a formal application through UCL’s procedures, and it is only after the formal application has been considered that you will receive a formal decision about whether we can offer you a place. A formal offer can only be made through formal department channels. These processes can take several weeks, so please allow enough time. 

If you are a non-EU resident you will also need to make a visa application. This, too, can take time.