UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


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SSEES graduates have a unique range of expertise, grounded in advanced methodological training in their chosen discipline and applied to the area studies context. With the current political and economic climate, there has never been a bigger need for knowledge of the SSEES region.

SSEES graduates leave with an extensive skill set, including knowledge of one or more languages, which is highly sought after by employers as it offers expertise which is intellectually rigorous as well as empirically relevant. Our Alumni can be found globally and in a wide range of sectors but in particular fields such as government services in the UK and Europe, research institutes, consultancies, banking, accountancy, law, academic research, teaching, welfare, media, business and corporate training schemes.    

UCL Arena

UCL Arena, available from UCL Teaching and Learning, offers professional development for postgraduate research students who teach or support learning at UCL.