UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Undergraduate Career Destinations

Sample Career Destinations for SSEES Undergraduates

Political, economic and social developments in SSEES regions and the accelerating pace of change make students' specialised knowledge attractive to businesses seeking to monitor, enter or expand in these markets. Employers often approach the School to promote job opportunities directly to the department's students. SSEES graduates are frequently preferred because of their academic training (often including language skills) and extensive knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Economics and Business

The top sector is Accountancy and Financial Services, where 61% of graduates can be found. IT, Technology, NGO, consultancy, and policy and government are also sectors where SSEES Economics and Business graduates can be found. 

Top recent employers include Deloitte; PwC; Amazon; Bank of America Merill Lynch; Ernst& Young (EY).

Example job roles include Financial Analyst; Business Analyst; Associate; Asset Manager; Business Development; Head of Marketing; Trainee at European Parliament of Brussels and Research Analyst. 

History, Politics and Economics 

As the HPE degree launched in 2015, there is limited graduate data available and we await the first set which should be available shortly. Initial data shows accountancy and financial services, scientific research development and analysis, policy and goverment, social research and publishing are some of the sectors our graduates are now working in.  

Politics and Sociology

Our politics and sociology graduates can be found in varied sectors, including NGOs and international development; financial services; teaching; consultancy; policy and goverment; media and IT and technology. 

Top recent employers include PwC; Deloitte; EU Parliament; Refugee Aid; Accenture; AlphaSights; and the Home Office.

Example job roles include Risk Consultant; Parliamentary Assistant; Local Government Adviser; Business Analyst; News Intern and Research Executive. 

Languages and Culture 

Language skills are in demand and those that aren't widely taught mean our graduates have a skill set that stands out in the job market.

Examples of jobs requiring language being advertised right now. 

Our recent graduates are working in publishing, journalism and translation; accountancy and financial services; policy and government; libraries and museums; leisure and tourism; environmental agencies; NGOs and international development. 

Recent employers include: British Army; Deloitte; Foreign & Commonwealth Office; Financial Ombudsman; The Moscow Times; Jewish Museum London and the NHS. 

Example job roles include: Freelance Journalist; Reporter; Financial Analyst; Business Developer; Producer and Student Ministry Apprentice. 

Careers data is taken from the latest available Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey here.