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Ways to help

How to help Ukrainian refugees and signposts for support.

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Ukrainian Institute

A large collection of links for donations and the latest information on current events and anti-war activities in the UK can be found on the website of the Ukrainian Institute London



  • UK Government: what you can do to help Ukraine
  • UK Government Homes for Ukraine - offer a place to stay for Ukrainians fleeing the war
  • Project UKrainefind hosts for Ukrainian refugees under the government programme Homes for Ukraine. Project UKraine helps British hosts find displaced Ukrainians who are looking for a host in the UK.
  • If you have Ukrainian, Russian, or other language skills that could be of use to people fleeing the invasion and its attendant political crises in the coming weeks, please fill out this form to volunteer with Respond Crisis Translation
  • Translators Without Borders, a well-established NGO is currently looking for volunteers. In particular, they need help from people with the knowledge of one of the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, and German. Sign up here. 
  • The Work Rights Centre in London is looking for anyone who can support with interpretation and translation into Ukrainian (or at least Russian!) to support them in their work helping Ukrainians in London and abroad.
  • You can volunteer to host refugees at I Can Help
  • Ukraine Take Shelter is an independent platform connecting Ukrainian refugees with potential hosts and housing.
  • Friends of Medyka is an initiative coordinating volunteers at the Polish-Ukrainian border
  • An online picture dictionary, collated by volunteers assisting Ukrainian refugees needing to communicate in multiple languages
  • Call Russia connects Russian-speaking volunteers directly with Russians for peaceful conversations that provide verifiable facts about the war

Information for refugees

Check in

Everyone at SSEES has been profoundly affected by these events and we understand that every act of compassion means the whole world right now. Please look after yourself and check in with friends, relatives, colleagues and students when you can.