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We aim to promote academic excellence in the study of Europe across the disciplines at UCL, to provide a leading forum for intellectual debate, and to act as liaison between the university and UK and European publics. Click below to learn more about who we are, our academic aims and research activities, and upcoming events and news. 
About the European Institute

Who we are

Information about our staff and academic partners, the history of the European Institute, and how to get in touch.

Current and past research and projects

Research and projects

Read about our ongoing and past research strands, projects, and publications, including our Jean Monnet work.

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Upcoming events, and the latest news and announcements about the institute. 

Podcasts and videos

Podcasts and videos

Explore our multimedia content, including videos and podcasts about all things Europe.

A proud Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Jean Monnet and Erasmus Plus logos

Part of our activities are funded by the European Union through the Jean Monnet programme. We have been a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence since 2016, a designation that provides funding via the Erasmus+ programme.

Our five current project strands (Rule of lawLeft-wing populismPower verticalScotland and the EUBritain and Europe 2.0.)  centre on how intensely held beliefs and new ways of doing politics increasingly challenge the status quo in Europe.

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Highlights from our recent work:

European Voices

European Voices
is a new portal to UCL’s rich links to Europe: from research and teaching, partnerships and engagement, to student, staff and alumni ties to the continent. 

Sea, Song, Writing

Our short film featuring world-renowned musicians explores music, poetry, and our engagement with both. Watch 'Sea, Song, Writing: On the Palmy Beach'.

UCL Brexit Hub

UCL Brexit Hub

The UCL Brexit Hub is an online portal featuring research and expertise on Brexit from across UCL. It collates publications, blog posts, video interviews, media commentary, and policy engagement. 

European Literary London

This interactive map acts as a guide to London through the eyes of Europe's literary, musical, artistic and scientific minds.


UCL Europe Blog

cropped-final_web_bw.jpgThe UCL Europe Blog features European-focused academic analysis and commentary from UCL academics and external contributors across disciplines. The wide range of blogs covers issues ranging from EU politics and climate change to philosophy, public health, and Brexit. This project is an expansion of the former UCL Brexit Blog.

This blog is curated and managed by the team at the UCL European Institute, and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ fund programme and is made possible by a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence grant. 


Latest institute news

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