UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Kiev, Ukraine


Ukrainian Level 5 Advanced Plus

Course description: Level 5 is for those who have successfully completed the Level 4 Ukrainian Evening Course or a similar course and/or who have very good knowledge of the language acquired through living in the country extensively or by using Ukrainian regularly through work or personal relationships. The course runs over three ten-week terms and each session is two hours long. The aim of the course is to help fluent speakers of Ukrainian to maintain and extend their knowledge of the language, as well as to enhance their literacy and translation skills and cultural awareness. The course includes all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The course will cover the following:

•    Ukrainian emigration in the world
•    minorities in Ukraine
•    environmental issues
•    education in Ukraine
•    prejudices
•    street protest movements
•    famous Ukrainian politicians
•    classical and modern Ukrainian art and literature
•    latest trends in Ukraine

•    understanding dialects, slang and jargon 
•    writing reviews and summaries
•    reporting on events and matters of public interest
•    preparing presentations
•    practicing advanced translation from and into Ukrainian

•    declension of nouns, adjectives and pronouns
•    collective numerals
•    declension of cardinal numbers 200-1000
•    telling the time 
•    impersonal forms finishing with -но, -то
•    participles and gerunds
•    imperative and conditional mood
•    declension of names and surnames 
•    compound words
•    reported speech
•    complex and compound sentences

Learning resources:
Course Book:
Synchak O. Yabluko: Advanced Level. – Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University Press, 2015.
Teacher’s own resources, materials from the Internet (online newspapers, magazines).
Online Materials