UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Romanian Level 2 Lower Intermediate

Course description: Level 2 is for people who completed Level 1 or who have some knowledge of the language acquired through regular visits to the country or through self-study. The course runs over 3 terms. The course will cover the following:

Topics: public transport, at the post office, clothes, at the exchange office, at the market place, cars and car parts, human body, medical conditions, extended family and in-laws, travelling by train, a small argument, at the department store, feelings and sensations, at the club, sports, hobbies.

Functions: using public transport, buying post cards and sending letters and parcels, buying clothes, exchanging currency, expressing percentages, buying food, interacting with people in the market place, buying or renting a car, describing the human body, describing simple symptoms at the doctor, interacting with people on the train, negotiating an argument, buying shoes and souvenirs, expressing likes and dislikes, preparing for a night out, talking about sports, talking about one’s hobbies.

Grammar: the vocative case, the genitive and dative cases, agreement between nouns and adjectives in different cases, word-order within the noun phrase, degrees of comparison of adjectives and adverbs, demonstratives, imperfect tense, pluperfect tense, impersonal forms, more conditionals, personal pronouns in the accusative and dative, reflexive pronouns in the accusative and dative, reflexive verbs, prepositions and the accusative case, subjunctives with imperative value, the passive voice, basic indefinite pronouns, interrogative and relative pronouns.