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Update ahead of Results Day on the national Marking and Assessment Boycott

29 June 2023

Information on the national Marking and Assessment Boycott and Results Day

On Thursday 6 July, students will receive a central email to their UCL address with all available results. Please note emails will be sent in batches and students will not receive their email at the same time.  

The emails will be tailored to students in various scenarios, including:  

  • Unaffected by the MAB 
  • Student has MX’s but the board was still able to make a progression/award decision 
  • Student has MX’s and the board was not able to make a progression/award decision 
  • The Board of Examiners was unable to meet 

The Transcript Rubric will been updated, to explain the use of ‘MX’ on the transcript.  

Ahead of Results Day, we will share with Faculties the following: 

  • Copies of students’ results emails  
  • FAQs to respond to student queries, these will include signposting to FAQs, central support services, transcript/degree documentation, gradation and UCL Careers  
  • Template email for HoDs to outline departmental contact channels and support available 

The latest student update can be found here, with FAQs for staff and students being regularly updated.  

For further information, please contact us through your Faculty Team channels or email examboards@ucl.ac.uk