UCL Human Resources


Industrial Action

UCL's statement on pay negotiations and dispute resolution.

Following discussion within the Russell Group, the UCL Council on 20 November 2008 agreed the following principles which will govern the approach UCL takes to pay negotiations and dispute resolution:

  • The experience of our students will be paramount and our approach will reflect our commitment to ensure that students receive an outstanding education
  • Our approach will be consistent with the objective of maintaining our position as world-class research-led institutions
  • In order to compete on a world stage we will operate professional employment policies and practices and this includes modern,  competitive and fair pay and reward systems
  • We aspire to working closely with the trade unions to recognise and reward excellence
  • We support and promote excellence in teaching and research and in the performance of all our staff in the development of our students
  • As employers we are supporting the current UCEA collective approach to pay bargaining but will keep this under review
  • We will work hard to avoid disputes and pursue a constructive employee relations agenda
  • If industrial action is taken, we will respond appropriately on the basis of the principles outlined above.  Partial performance of any kind cannot be accepted. This applies equally to all staff, whether they are part of the academic or support communities.
  • Partial performance will lead to pay being withheld, taking into account the impact on the university's performance and/or commitment to its students. This is not only in accordance with the legal framework but reflects common employment practice.