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Archive of regulations and annexes for 2016-17.



Academic Manual Archive 2016-17


Main Chapters 2016-17

Chapter 8: Derogations and Variations 2016-17

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Arts & Humanities

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Annexes 2016-17

All annexes available on request from Academic Services: academic.services@ucl.ac.uk)

Chapter 1: Admissions, Registration and Student Conduct

1.1.1 Undergraduate Admissions Policy

1.1.2 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy

1.1.3 Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Good Practice

1.1.4 Postgraduate Recruitment and Admissions Good Practice

1.1.5 Student Recruitment Communications Production

1.1.6 English Language Proficiency Requirements

1.1.7 Recruitment of Research Students to New Academic or Research Units

1.1.8 Widening Participation Guidelines for Good Practice

1.1.9 Recognition of Prior Learning Application Form

1.2.1 Student Confidential Information Statement

1.2.2 Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA): UCL General Student Privacy Notice

1.2.3 Procedures for Dealing with Students in Debt

1.3.1 Student Complaints Form

1.3.2 UCL-Student Relationship: Useful Contacts

Chapter 3: Programme and Module Approval and Amendment Framework

1 Programme Initation Questionnaire 1 (PIQ 1)

2 Programme Initation Questionnaire 2 (PIQ 2)

3 Notional Programme Diet Template

4 New Module Outline Form

5 Programme Costing Template (UG)

6 Programme Costing Template (PG)

7 Programme Definition (formerly Programme Specification) Template

External Scrutineer Report Template

9 Programme Diet Template

10 MRes PIQ Appendix

11 Programme Amendment Questionnaire (PAQ)

12 Programme Initiation Questionnaire - Doctoral Programmes

13 UPC / GPC Form

14 UPCam / GPCam Form

Chapter 4: Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes

4.1.1 Grounds for Extenuating Circumstances

4.1.2 Extenuating Circumstances Form 

4.1.3 EC Panel Contact Details

4.2.1 Special and Aegrotat Provisions Application Form

4.2.2 Special Provisions Report Form

4.3.1 Chair of New Board of Examiners Form

4.3.2 Change of Chair of Board of Examiners Form

4.3.3 Standard Board of Examiners Agenda Proforma

4.3.4 Guidelines on the Role of the Faculty Representative

4.3.5 Proforma for Faculty Representative Report

4.3.6 Protocols for the Release of Unconfirmed Provisional Marks

4.3.7 Procedures when Marks are Missing

4.3.8 Procedures when an External Examiner is Unable to Attend

4.3.9 Procedures in the Event of an Emergency Affecting the Work of Boards of Examiners

4.3.10 Virtual Boards of Examiners

4.4.1 Flow Chart of Departmental Actions in Plagiarism / Collusion / Falsification Cases

4.4.2 Report of a Breach of the Examination Regulations

Chapter 6: Quality Review Framework

6.1.1 ASER Main Steps Undergraduate

6.1.2 ASER Main Steps Postgraduate Taught

6.1.3 ASER Template

6.1.4 ASER Departmental SEQ Summary

6.2.2 IQR Self Evaluation Statement SES

6.2.3 IQR Data Set

6.2.4 IQR Core Documentation

6.2.5 IQR Sample Timetable

6.2.6 External Subject Expert Nomination Form

6.2.7 External Subject Expert Proforma for Report

6.3.1 Main Steps - Response to External Examiners' Reports

6.3.2 Overview of External Examining Reporting Process

6.3.3 Summary of Department Responses to EE Recommendations Template

6.3.4 External Examiner Fee Payment and Expenses Claim Form

6.3.5 Undergraduate Programmes

6.3.6 Postgraduate Taught Programmes

6.4.1 SSCC Agenda Template

6.4.2 SSCC Agenda Items Checklist

6.5.1 Guidance on Student Questionnaires

6.5.2 Student Questionnaire Template

6.6.1 Core Programme Information Standard Text 2016-17

6.6.2 Core Programme Information Standard Text 2016-17 (Doc version)

Chapter 7: Academic Partnerships Framework

7.1 Forms of Academic Partnerships

7.2 Table Summarising Forms of Academic Partnerships at UCL

7.3 Summary of Indicators Chapter B10 QAA Quality Code

7.4 New Academic Partnerships Proposal Form

7.5 Academic Partnerships Responsibilities Checklist and Risk Assessment

7.6 Academic Partnerships Due Diligence Checklist

7.7 Academic Partnerships Site Visit Checklist

7.8 Overview of Academic Partnership Approval Process

7.9 Termination of an Academic Partnership Form

7.10 Academic Partnerships Renewal Form