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New Academic Year: Information to send External Examiners

21 October 2022

Refer to the list of information to send External Examiners at the start of every Academic Year

Board Teams can refer to the section: ‘Board Teams - Information to External Examiners’ on the External Examining webpage that provides a useful list to send External Examiners at the start of every Academic Year.  

This gives a good reminder of the External Examining activity and useful to send to all your External Examiners, new and existing ones so that they have up to date information for the current Academic Year.  

We hope you find this webpage useful and a complement to the information in Academic Manual Chapter 9, Section 4 on External Examining and Chapter 4, Section 13 on Boards of Examiners.  

Please do highlight this main External Examining webpage to External Examiners which has a dedicated section on useful information for them as well as various FAQs.  

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on what would be useful for you to see on this page to assist with the External Examining activity. Do contact us on examiners@ucl.ac.uk.  

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk