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Latest updates on our new EC system

18 November 2022

Updates made, updates planned and progress since the launch of ECsOnline in October

Since 3 October, students and staff have been using ECsOnline, our new EC system on Portico and more than 2350 claims have been successfully submitted since this date.  

The system enables students to submit EC claims and upload evidence via Portico and these claims are then routed to the relevant EC Panel who are notified of the claim and can review claims and accept / reject or request further information as applicable. There is also a report available in the Awards, Assessments and Achievements area in Portico showing number of claims submitted and the status of the claim and decision made. 

The system was launched on 3 October as a “Minimum Viable Product” and we have worked closely with a group of nominated EC Champions (one from each Faculty) to resolve any issues encountered and identify system enhancements. 

Key enhancements delivered since go-live and key updates planned for January are listed below.  

Key updates made since October:  

  • Staff members can convert a submitted claim from evidenced to self-certified and vice versa where required;  
  • Evidence documents can be viewed on screen without the need to download;  
  • Students can self-certify on the day for an assessment;  
  • Report enhancements to enable departments to filter by additional fields including route, year of study and exam board. 

Updates planned for January:  

  • Doctoral students with taught modules and IBSC students to be able to submit claims using the system; 
  • System prompts to students and staff when the 4 week window to submit evidence is approaching / expired; 
  • Planning for the introduction of Faculty and Statistical reports; 
  • User experience review: consulting staff and student system users to identify and prioritise future enhancements.  

For staff information and guidance on using ECsOnline, please visit: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/srs/examinations-and-student-records/extenuating-circumstances 

For student information and guidance on Extenuating Circumstances, including how to apply using ECsOnline, please visit: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/academic-manual/chapters/chapter-2-student-support-framework/section-2-short-term-illness-and-other-extenuating