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External Examiners access to Moodle and AssessmentUCL in 2020-21

21 April 2021

How to manage access to Moodle and AssessmentUCL for External Examiners

Moodle access

The External Examining Team (examiners@ucl.ac.uk) often get asked about how to set up Moodle access for External Examiners (EEs). This is not part of our remit, though we have provided an FAQ on our External Examining webpage which you may find helpful: IT and Moodle Access for External Examiners

When EEs are appointed the External Examining team set them up as a visitor on the Services System and provide Departments with details of their UPI, username and email address. Departmental teams are asked to record these details for future use, and instructed to pass these details onto the Departmental IT representative* in order for them to arrange access to Moodle for the EE. 

Moodle access is managed by Departments, and is a process that needs to be repeated on an annual basis for each year that the EE is appointed. 

We strongly encourage colleagues to check and set up Moodle access for their EEs during the Autumn term especially for newly appointed EEs. This will prevent issues occurring prior to Exam Board period in the Summer term.

*If you do not know who your Departmental IT rep is, check the ISD website here or your Departmental Manager. If you do not have a Departmental IT rep, please liaise with your Faculty colleagues for further guidance on providing Moodle assess to EE.  

AssessmentUCL access

Separate to Moodle, UCL is continuing to implement AssessmentUCL as a dedicated platform for managing, delivering and marking student assessment – including for all centrally managed exams this summer. Some departments may wish to facilitate External Examiners’ access to a sample of marked work by granting them access to that work within AssessmentUCL. Where this is the case, the Exams Team should already have been supplied with the necessary information as part of the exam paper submission process to manually add access permissions for External Examiners on the relevant modules. Where this has not yet happened, please contact the Exams Team. As with Moodle, it is the responsibility of academic departments to ensure that External Examiners are familiar with their UCL IT credentials before inviting them to access AssessmentUCL.

Who to contact:

Moodle queries: please contact your Departments IT rep or alternatively ISD.

AssessmentUCL queries: please contact the Exams team on examinations@ucl.ac.uk

Contact email for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk