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This page shows a list of UCL Computer Reps, and allows you to search for Reps by department.


Departmental Administrator: Computer Rep:

Search by Department

department search field To search for Reps by Department, click on 'Search by Department' and start typing a department name, or part thereof, in the input field. The resulting dropdown list will be dynamically populated with matching names as you type. Select one of the resulting department names, and click the 'Find Reps' button to update the list. Leave the search field blank to display all Reps.

Filter Results

filter field The resulting rows can be further filtered by entering a search term to match against. This will be matched across all columns.

Multi-column Sort

The list can be sorted by one or more columns by clicking the appropriate column heading. To sort by more than one column, hold <SHIFT>, as you click the headings you wish to sort by, in order.

Export List Data

N.B. This feature requires Flash.

export buttons The buttons to the right-hand side of the table footer allow you to copy the table data to the clipboard, or export it to a .csv file.