School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)


Module Registration for SELCS Affiliate Students

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Contact Us

  • Application and visa queries: e-mail central UCL Admissions Office via affiliatestudents@ucl.ac.uk or call +44 (0) 20 3108 4400.
  • Before arrival (nominations, module pre-registration and induction): e-mail SELCS office via selcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk or call +44 (0) 20 7679 4339. These contact details should also be used by our partner universities at all times.
  • After arrival (module registration and attendance): e-mail SELCS office via selcs.undergraduate@ucl.ac.uk or visit us in Foster Court room 131.

Start Date

  • Affiliate students are expected to arrive in London two weeks before teaching begins, to attend our Orientation Programme (first week) and Induction week (second week). 
  • UCL academic year officially begins after Orientation Programme, with a week called ‘Induction’. These two weeks are arranged for you to complete your enrolment at UCL, settle in in London, familiarise yourself with UCL systems and campus, finalise your module registration (timetable, seminar group allocations, requesting modules from other UCL departments, changing modules if needed), and sorting out any Erasmus documentation.

Module registration process

  1. Pre-registration for SELCS modules begins in late spring (for September starters) or November (for January starters). All incoming students will be e-mailed when the process begins.
  2. To finalise module registration, all pre-registered modules must be recorded on Portico (UCL's online student records system). Module registration on Portico takes place after students arrive, during Orientation Programme. Once students complete their enrolment in person at UCL, their Portico account will be fully activated for module registration.
  3. After arrival, students can also request modules from other UCL departments (usually via Portico).

Upon arriving at UCL, students will be able to discuss their module choices with the SELCS Affiliates Tutor and with other academic and administrative staff in SELCS and other UCL departments where they intend to take modules, and to make changes if necessary. 

How many modules / credits I can take?

  • Modules (courses) at UCL are usually worth 15 or 30 UCL credits (equivalent to 7.5 or 15 ECTS / 4 or 8 US credits)
  • Students can take modules worth up to a total of 60 UCL credits per semester (30 ECTS / 16 US credits)
  • Affiliates must take modules in SELCS department worth minimum 30 UCL credits (15 ECTS / 8 US) per semester. There are no exceptions from this requirement.
  • Any remaining credits per semester (i.e., up to 30 UCL credits / 15 ECTS / 8 US), can be either taken in SELCS or in other UCL departments, or, if approved by their home university, students can request to take a reduced number of credits or no additional credits.

Modules in SELCS

  • Click here to view a list of all undergraduate SELCS modules in this academic session. 
  • Affiliate students may register for our Year 1, Year 2 or Final Year modules, providing the module is available to request, there is space on the module and any module-specific prerequisites are met (please check module descriptions online).
  • Academic queries (e.g., module details, level of difficulty, mode of assessment, language of instruction) - please refer to the online module descriptions. If you need more information, please contact the module convenor/tutor (names and contact details can be found within each module description). Please do not contact tutors about available places.
  • Registration, timetabling and seminar group queries should be directed to SELCS office, as per contact details listed at the top of the page.

Modules in other UCL departments

IMPORTANT: SELCS does not manage module registration outside of this department and cannot guarantee places in other UCL departments. Please be aware of the possibility of timetable clashes with your SELCS modules and that timetables might be subject to changes.

  • SELCS Affiliates can take up to 30 UCL credits (15 ECTS / 8 US) per semester in other UCL departments, subject to availability and prerequisites for modules.
  • Registration on non-SELCS modules usually takes place after students arrive in London.
  • A list of modules offered by other UCL departments can usually be found on their websites or via Study Abroad Guide.
  • Modules in UCL English Department (ENGL*) are not available to request. Affiliates wishing to study English language or modern languages not available in SELCS, can request modules from UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE). Language modules in CLIE are available only to Affiliates studying at UCL for the whole academic year and to Affiliates starting at UCL from spring semester (if they studied the requested language module at their home university in autumn term).
  • To help you navigate the many differing procedures in various UCL departments to register for modules, please refer to the Course Information for Affiliates 2018-19 (PDF file) which also provides contact details for each UCL department. Please carefully read and follow their instructions. (Please note that information for SELCS department in that document is aimed at non-SELCS Affiliates).


  • Each module description should say if the module is run in term 1 or term 2. For exact teaching times, please check the UCL Common Timetable (weeks 6-10/12-16 indicate term 1 and weeks 20-24/26-30 - term 2). 
  • Please see the following document for step-by-step instructions on how to check your timetable (PDF file).
  • Some modules are taught in the form of one lecture for all students and a number of small-group seminars. Students must attend all lectures and one seminar group to which they will be allocated during Induction week. 
  • Please be aware of the possibility of module clashes and that timetables might be subject to changes during the academic year.

Erasmus Learning Agreement

Erasmus students only: Please click here for information on what to do with your Erasmus Learning Agreement.

Changing modules (after arrival)

  1. Before requesting any changes, please check UCL Common Timetable to ensure that the new module does not clash with your other classes. Then, contact the relevant UCL department to check if the module is available to request (for SELCS modules, visit Foster Court room 131 or e-mail selcs.undergraduate@ucl.ac.uk).
  2. Once you know that the module is available and there is no timetable clash, please contact SELCS office (as per above) to request changes to your module registration record on Portico.